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Jim Arbery

Well, he's been around the world in a plane and half way round the world in a ship.

He has never spoken to a king, but has passed the time of day with a pauper or two.

And of all the countries he has visited and people he has chewed the fat with has arrived at the conclusion that the basic needs of a king or pauper are similar; the difference being one of accessibility.

Likewise, in the job that he was associated with over many years, he had access to CEO's and first line supervisors, helping their organisation achieve whatever kept them in business.

This type of exposure has given the author a mine of material to call on, in a sometimes controversial way, but always with good humour.

Jim Arbery
Author's Books
A Tale of Two Pixies

A story of, how at times, people shoot themselves in the foot, metaphorically speaking, only to wonder who inflicted the wound.Then, wouldn’t you know it, along comes help from an unusual quarter...But, of course, many things can happen in a quasi-world.You never know who your neighbours are these...

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