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Jim Wright

James Edwin Wright AM, MD, FRACS, FACS was a paediatric surgeon in Newcastle, Australia. Now a retired nonagenarian he prefers to be known as “Jim”.

Throughout his professional and social life, he had a memory for a good story, a habit of reminiscing appallingly, never hesitating to inflict listeners with anecdotes from the many travelled years.

A compulsion to write inevitably led to this collection of short stories and even shorter anecdotes.

Many are original from personal experiences recalled from the long years. Those collected and compiled from other sources are acknowledged with origin and author where known.

Jim hopes they create a chuckle or a thought and likes to quote the Australian poet, Andrew Bart, on Paterson:

“…though their merits indeed are but slight,

I shall not repine,

If they give you one moment’s delight

Old comrades of mine.”

Jim Wright
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Stories and Anecdotes

This is a collection of stories, anecdotes, and reminiscences written, collected, and compiled over a long professional life. They amuse or provoke serious thought, aiming to make the reader laugh for a few moments and think for much longer.Most are in short essay form, some with a discursive introd...

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