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Jimmy Eriksson

Jimmy was born in one of the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. With parts of his life very hard with events that come in life, Jimmy took escape in the imaginary worlds of books and his own mind. When Jimmy could no longer stay in his current life, he decided to make an adventure and choose the furthest country away from his birth place. He fell in love with Australia and decided to stay. With a new life, he found peace of mind and was able to focus on the future and what he truly liked, which is writing and family life.

Author's Books
World of Taroo

The World of Taroo has many stories and while some are heroic and bring great rewards, others bring kingdoms to the brink of ruin. A young man becomes champion and earns both fame and fortune but will have to learn that not everything in life is happiness. A king faces the destruction of his kingdom...

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World of Taroo: Daku Queen

The world of Taroo was for a while calm, even if there was the underlying fear of the Daku queen’s return. For some, the life had briefly returned to normal and life could at least for a while at times feel safe.When revenge drives someone to do horrible things, the result might become more than h...

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World of Taroo: The Sabors

A rescue mission, an assassination attempt and the discovery of new incredible powers that lay within the magical stones.The knight is about to step out when a horrible scream suddenly fills the cave room and the soldiers look around. The scream continues and it sounds like someone is in pain. The k...

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