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Justine Delaney

Brought up on a little island off the west coast of Scotland, Justine Delaney has always been passionate about animals and the environment. After teaching English in Asia, Justine travelled and settled on Koh Tao, Thailand where she became a diving instructor and videographer, highlighting the beauty and the challenges faced from a marine perspective. She now lives in Italy with her partner and their two children, continuing to teach English.

Her first book, The Girl Trying to Save the World, is the first of many to come, the aim is to help encourage children of all ages on how their positive actions can make a difference in this fragile world, due to climate change.

Justine Delaney
Author's Books
The Girl Trying to Save the World

Nalani is a girl who grew up on an island far, far away. Due to global warming, she watches her home as it is washed away by the sea.Looking for answers as to why this happened, she sets off on a courageous journey – travelling the oceans far and wide.Along the way, she learns about coral bleachin...

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