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Nicole Lumiere

Born in Tunis and brought to London England with her two siblings by her parents. Convent educated and passing her exams she worked temping as a typist. Got married and moved to Kent where she had two children and later settled in West Sussex for nearly twenty years. With the children married she eventually was forced to give up work to care for both sets of parents. When all the parents had passed away her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s she moved them to Dorset.She was widowed six years later and it is in Dorset where she still lives.  

Author's Books

I was born a girl and to my parents, it only meant one thing; I would be a servant to my siblings, husband, dad, in-laws and any other person who crossed my path in life. The happiness of my husband, children, family and extended family was important. I would be a cook, housemaid, sexual object to m...

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