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Nisar Hussain

Nisar Hussain believes a lot of us are born with some sort of a hidden talent woven into our DNA fabric. It is for each and every one of us to realise and develop this talent. Many will go through their entire lives having never realised their gift but others will. Nisar has a vivid imagination (initially a slow burner, totally non-precocial) that slowly but surely developed solidly. From soldiers and battles crafted out of plasticine men in childhood to voraciously consuming the world of TV and film thereafter, he feels ready to become a ‘storyteller’ and leave a lasting contribution to the world of media and entertainment that shaped him.

Author's Books
Luke Woam - The Missing Link

Luke Woam is out to become a missing person finder. With such awesome skills as being long-term unemployed; award-winning daytime television trivia knowledge; racking breadcake trays (and occasionally injecting jam into doughnuts when needed in an emergency) and generally being good at nothing usefu...

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It is the year 2268, the Universal Olympics, known as the Ulympics, are about to start. The best of the best of Earth’s athletes are headed to Planet Zhel. They will compete against athletes from planets right across the universe. Unfortunately, their transportation ship suffers damage en route an...

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