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Luke Woam - The Missing Link-bookcover

By: Nisar Hussain

Luke Woam - The Missing Link

Pages: 216 Ratings: 5.0
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Luke Woam is out to become a missing person finder. With such awesome skills as being long-term unemployed; award-winning daytime television trivia knowledge; racking breadcake trays (and occasionally injecting jam into doughnuts when needed in an emergency) and generally being good at nothing useful, Luke sets out with his girlfriend in tow, to the metropolis that is London, to work on his first ever case—locating a runaway teenage girl. It’s a case that will take him way out of his comfort zone of his bed, settee, console, television and unhealthy snacks, which (like everything else in his life post-school), have mostly been paid for by the benefit system.

Luke and his partner, Tina, are thrust into a dangerous world far unlike their own back in small-time Bolton. On the plus side, they do possess a cheap, tacky, lucky charm purchased from a gypsy-like night-time street peddler of an old lady; the charm is probably of no real help to be honest, but alas, it is all in the belief, innit? And, both are in their early 20s still, is that a plus or minus, who knows in this lark?

So, do the UK’s newest, fledgling double act crack their maiden case, or does this missing maiden case crack them? One thing is for sure though, it definitely is a case of people, cultures and cities on a cataclysmic, nay, apocalyptic collision…well, they come into contact anyway!

Nisar Hussain believes a lot of us are born with some sort of a hidden talent woven into our DNA fabric. It is for each and every one of us to realise and develop this talent. Many will go through their entire lives having never realised their gift but others will. Nisar has a vivid imagination (initially a slow burner, totally non-precocial) that slowly but surely developed solidly. From soldiers and battles crafted out of plasticine men in childhood to voraciously consuming the world of TV and film thereafter, he feels ready to become a ‘storyteller’ and leave a lasting contribution to the world of media and entertainment that shaped him.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • niggatevity

    good book

  • Asslicer

    This book is best in world. Life changing so buy it

  • Ben Dover

    Best Book of all time, beautiful literature, read this all the time to my children and family line.
    p.s carry on writing

  • Ben Dover

    Best Book of all time, beautiful literature, read this all the time to my children and family line.
    p.s carry on writing

  • karam padam

    hey Nisar Hussain i love your book and i eat whipped cream with it and really neutralizes my nervous system

  • Coolio poolio

    read the book. Makes my American heritage proud to think about luke

  • Asim gaming

    luke is an amazing character along side the other charecters.the story line is great

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