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Oliver Nolan

Oliver is a diverse genre writer. He has written western, crime mystery, thriller, drama and fiction!

When it comes to writing stories, he always focuses on the main key, the plot: and to have a plot you have to have a villain, so he always come up with an antagonist first in every story! To him, villains are the keys to everything in stories and movies ’cause without villains, there’s no hero either.

Writing helps him think. He has always loved writing and always will. No matter what genre or story he writes, all his books are based with different types of opinions, deep in thought, which makes them very interesting to read. A lot of the time he adds his own feeling, emotions and opinions into his characters whether it’s the villain or the hero.

Author's Books

In London, 1989, the metropolitan police are dealing with the biggest drug crime. Drug problem is rising in the capital and it is up to them to stop these lowlife dealers from smuggling drugs in their city.PC detective Barry Dermative is the expert when it comes to drugs criminals, however, although...

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Ex-Cop 2 - Secrets Are Only Made for Liars

In this thrilling novel set in 2007 at the Metropolitan Police, follow PC Lawson on a journey where his lifelong dream of catching a notorious villain comes true, but not in the way he expected. A real mystery unfolds as a lorry escapes the UK, leaving the police puzzled, suspecting that it may cont...

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