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Paul Green

The author’s three children had grown up and his eldest had two of her own, Isobelle and Oscar. Their imagination knew no boundaries. Every cupboard was a ‘den’, a sheet draped over objects, a tent, not to mention the fun they had with their toys! The author worked on this and wrote several books around them. What a joy.

Paul Green
Author's Books
Juniper the Magic Caravan and The Adventures of Izzie and Ozzie: Izzietown

It was Saturday morning and Izzie and Ozzie were getting more and more excited while they were waiting for Nanny and Grandad.Izzie and Ozzie loved Nanny and Grandad and they were always excited to see them, only now there was someone else who was also special and it was:‘JuniperTheMagic Caravan’...

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Juniper the Magic Caravan and the Adventures of Izzie and Ozzie: Dinoland

Izzie and Ozzie were off to Nanny and Grandad’s for the weekend again and they could not wait to get there, but why?Nanny and Grandad? Sort of! But no, it was more to visit ‘Juniper, The Magic Caravan’, wahey!Ozzie was talking about how much and why he likes his dinosaur duvet at Nanny and Gra...

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Juniper the Magic Caravan and The Adventures of Izzie and Ozzie: Finding Juniper


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