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Peter Riley

My name is Peter Riley, aged 39. My dad was in the British Army and served for a long time. For most of my childhood, I grew up in a military environment and schools. I lived with my dad, mam (housewife) and my sister, who is two years younger than me. We moved around a lot and as such, I had the privilege of living in Germany and many places around the UK whilst my dad was serving. A family member asked me not so long ago what my childhood was like and I told them about the things I got up to, the adventures I had, to building and making dens (bases), making bows and arrows, you know, the things that kids did, before modern technology of mobile phones, advanced computers, etc. Now this got me thinking, I should write about them and now that I'm a lot older, I should re-live my childhood memories and the adventures I had with my friends, and to let others enjoy my memories while mentioning the not-so-good parts and make for interesting reading.

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