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Philippa Peters JOSJ

Philippa Peters JOSJ, the author of Modern World? is a Christian who believes her faith is the bedrock of all her hopes, dreams and aspirations. She holds strong discipline and principles, and hopes to see a generation who believe such values are as important today as they were decades ago. Besides her passion for the health profession and common human decency, she enjoys writing, and uses it as a tool to shed light on such topics that are important to her. This is her second work, the first of which was inspired by true events in her life.


Philippa Peters JOSJ
Author's Books
Modern World?

Modern World? delves into the entwined lives of two compelling characters navigating the complexities of life. First, we meet a young girl, orphaned by the tragic actions of her own community. The story traces her journey of resilience and self-discovery in a world marred by the darker aspects of h...

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