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Sarojini Bertha Peters

I was born in a happy, devout Christian home at Bareilly, India, on the 2nd of February. My parents named me Sarojini Bertha. Sarojini is a Sanskrit word for a lotus blossom, which is also the Indian National flower. In the early years, England had very few Christians. Bertha was one devout one. She was a queen, and greatly influenced the spread of her religion in South East England. I was named after her. I was educated at the Queen Victoria Girls High School at Agra, and continued at the Isabella Thoburn College, at Lucknow, India; receiving B.A., B.Ed.

I taught in Indian schools for a few years, before coming to London, England. I have had the great privilege to teach in schools of all ages and of all abilities. My greatest reward in my career was teaching the Partially Hearing Children.

I am now retired, and live in a comfortable home, with friendly neighbours and beautiful, quiet and peaceful surrounds.

Sarojini Bertha Peters
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Now and Evermore

Embark on a thrilling journey through the kaleidoscope of Sarojini’s extraordinary life, where happiness dances hand in hand with adventure, and every page brims with excitement and wonder. From the heartwarming highs to the adrenaline-pumping escapades, she has been graced with a life overflowing...

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