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With four children under five, living on a small farm near Melbourne, the author respected the need for their careful education and sensible discipline and told them stories, based on farm and wild animals, that would impart to them life lessons for their paths ahead!

With the passage of time, some twenty-five plus years, these stories have now been put down in writing and published for children everywhere who will face similar challenges and choices in their own lives that the author’s children successfully met in theirs.

Author's Books
A Bear Called Bruno

Bruno is a big, old, kind and handsome bear who has six children and two grandchildren!They all live in the wilderness amongst hundreds of trees and bushes alongside a fast-flowing river. Life is good until one day when Bruno sees his granddaughter, Coco, looking sad, standing alone on the riverb...

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A Bird Called Swoopy

Swoopy is a black and white magpie who lives high up in a gum tree with his Mum and Dad, just near a golf course.One day when his parents are away finding food, he sees a pretty pink golf ball plop along the green grass below their nest. He flies down, picks it up, and takes it back up into the nest...

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A Cat Called Cookie

Cookie was a little black cat who was always exploring the house, the backyard and the trees around the house he lived in with Mrs Prentice.When he was chasing a fat mouse one day, Mrs Prentice put her straw broom in his way and told him to stop chasing the mouse! Cookie wanted to tell Mrs Prentice ...

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A Dog Called Ruffy

Ruffy is a lonely little dog who lives by the seaside and sustains himself with scraps from the rubbish bins along the beach car parks.One morning when he decides to beat the heat and take a dip in the ocean, he hears a voice across the water calling for help. He barks as much as he can to try and g...

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A Fish Called Goldie

Goldie loved her life with Mrs Tilley! The goldfish bowl was right near the window in the lounge room, and Goldie just smiled so much. She was so happy to be living there! Mrs Tilley was very kind. She gave her lots of tasty flakes to eat, rocks and reeds for Goldie to play around and put a cloth ov...

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A Giraffe Called Stretch

Stretch was a huge, playful, gangly, hungry young giraffe! But he was also nosy, inquisitive, curious and adventurous…his big long neck enabled him to put his nose into places it maybe shouldn’t be put.He lived in a big safari park in South Africa, and every time he strolled past the Lodge kitch...

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A Monkey Called Smoochie

Smoochie had five sisters and a brother, and he’d lived in a huge forest tree with his mum and dad his whole life! The chatter they made could be heard right across the treetops; so much laughter, games and playtime. But sometimes he would hear his parents getting angry and yelling at each other t...

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A Tiger Called Luger

Luger was a handsome young tiger who, for some reason only known to him, just wasn’t happy with the way he looked! He tried everything he could to change the way he looked! He tried rubbing his stripes off, washing them off, covering them up with mud…because he wanted to look like someone else, ...

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A Zebra Called Hoops

Hoops was one fine zebra! He was happy, he was healthy, he was fast, he was handsome…but he looked different to the other zebras…and they noticed.Some of them said things to him that made him feel sad. Instead of his stripes running down his body from top to bottom, they ran across his body from...

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