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Tetyana Pryt

I was born on November 20th 1980 in a little town of Rokytno, Ukraine. My grandmother, on my mother’s side, Vera Kalinich, had a great influenceon my creative development. My granny read many fairy tales and Bible stories. In my childhood I started to recite poetry, love singing, drawing, playing the piano, dancing and watching Indian movies. I followed a seven-year course in the Music School where I developed my art skills to compose music on the piano and to write lyrics for songs. I wrote my first poem at the age of 18 when I was a student at the Institute of Entrepreneurship Strategy. I never treated my hobby of writing poems seriously during the years that I lived in Ukraine.

During my stay in Poland, I got back to the arts: painting and poetry writing.The fact that in PolandI started to write poems in four languages; Russian, English, Polish and Ukrainian became a key moment in my life when I stopped ignoring my creative potential. From that time I created TAT, my pseudonym. 

My first poem in English is titled ‘Oh, my beautiful rose’. It was written long time before I wrote my first poetry in the Polish and Ukrainian language. I believe that if God gives a gift to write, He has a special plan for that person. My hands are just a tool of His vision.

 I believe that LOVE will save our world.

Tetyana Pryt
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Oh, My Beautiful Rose

Introducing Oh, My Beautiful Rose, a captivating collection of poetry that invites you into a world adorned with flowers, love, and life’s essence. As you delve into its pages, close your eyes, and envision a universe teeming with resplendent roses. Feel the soft petals against your fingertips, in...

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