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R. F. Walters

This book is the first of a series of books that were gifted through and from the energy all around us, that I in-tune with, to support my healing and pass on to others alike.

I found the healing mantras; permissions to be just the way I am whilst searching for healing and growth; a much-needed emotional hug.

The collection of self-soothing words supported my journey and I wanted to share one human soul to another, as we search for healing and happiness together; side by side and begin to move away from loneliness; towards companionship within and without.

R. F. Walters

R. F. Walters
Author's Books
Healing, the Way Home to Ourselves

In Healing, the Way Home to Ourselves, embark on a transformative expedition, navigating the shadows that house our deepest traumas and guiding us towards the radiant light of joy. Within the pages of this book, dear souls, lies a heartfelt invitation to reclaim our lives from the icy grip of pain a...

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