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Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid was born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1967. He has written poems and music since he was 12, when his parents bought him Pink Floyd’s album The Wall for his birthday. The album changed everything for Andy. The darkness, moodiness was sheer brilliance – almost instilling fear into him. He was already writing short poems, but this new music and lyrics inspired him to be more adventurous with his writing. He no longer had to write for the ‘norm’. Andy has now finally turned the pen to his first novel. His love of music is a strong influence in this novel as he links tracks poignantly with the deaths of his fictional, and sometimes real characters. It took three years to finally complete the book, with life priorities often taking over. As this book is published, Andrew is excited to be starting his next project and hopes you will follow his work.

Andrew Reid
Author's Books
Snakeskin Shoes & the Number 30 Bus

“They say time and tide wait for no man. I, on the other hand, wait for you all.”A clock ticks above your head, counting down time, counting down your life. There’s no escaping it. For millennia, I have walked amongst you. I have only one job: collection of the newly departed. My name is Death...

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