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Dana Paul Robinson

Catechised before Vatican II, Dana Paul Robinson has been Catholic all his life. Now, as a grandfather and retired banker, he has written the A Parent’s Catechism for the benefit of his children and grandchildren and their generations.


Dana Paul Robinson
Author's Books
A Parent's Catechism

“God is. There is no statement more profound or simpler than this. Nothing exists apart from God. God is Being – the eternal, unchanging, infinitely powerful, infinitely knowing, and infinitely loving Being. God is life. He is creator and sustainer of all life and has created us in his own image...

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Me Is Under Attack

Retired from a 45-year banking career, Dana has witnessed a general decline in those personal standards which in the past have marked civilised society. This book is his appeal for their recovery, so that his grandchildren’s generation will experience more pleasant and engaging lives....

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