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Sandra Ntonya

Sandra Ntonya was raised in Malawi, Africa. She is the third born in a family of six, to a ruthless father known to the masses as ‘Idi Amin’, due to his brutality. Growing up, she thought freedom was just a fairy tale. Full of dreams and yearning for change, in her early twenties, Sandra embarked upon a journey to England with her then-husband and son, whose severe disabilities dismantled the marriage and she was left to fend alone for her and her son’s survival. She has since lived in Manchester with her beloved son, Alfred, and an amazing community. When the clouds are full of rain, they pour themselves upon the earth… sad it would be if they held back. Likewise, when Sandra’s life was bursting with experience of scandal, abuse, to rubbing shoulders with the rich and well-heeled, she retains nothing but reveals it all, to the fullest.

Gripping and revelatory, there was a new path waiting for her inner fire to arise. Her journey becomes a wonderful meditation on being humanised and a hooker justified. As your eyes open to the truth, you hear the chains breaking away to freedom and delight in how the worldly-wise beauty queen brought African sunshine, smiles and warmth to the friends and lovers in the grey North of England. Now she boldly says, “Keep calm and kinky on. I love it when my clients wait their turn, in an orderly queue… better still, just join in.”


Sandra Ntonya
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Confessions of a Justified Hooker

Harrowingly honest and strangely uplifting, this is a courageous testimony written from the soul of a unique, if not peculiar, woman whose tale transcends political and legal struggles. So tragic, yet tremendously inspiring, her feats of strength take you into the dark heart of modern Britain that p...

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