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Karen Shandley

I have been writing and drawing since childhood. I have accumulated numerous drawings and scripts and short stories that have mounted over the years. Now, as a mother of three, a stepmother of two and working in a school of children, I have decided to turn my hobby into something more functional, starting with children’s books. Children are such interesting, fun quirky characters; there’s always something to write about. I also now understand what they like, what captivates them and clever ways to make them learn and understand basic morals without them realising they’ve learned something. And at heart, I’m just a big kid myself.

Karen Shandley
Author's Books
Josh Won’t Wash

We all remember that childhood phase of eschewing bath time. But what happens when our own kids decide dirt is a badge of honour? This playful book meets little ones in the muck and mire of their no-wash zone, taking parents along on the messy ride.Infused with humour about a universal childhood rit...

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