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Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is a single Black American, born and living in California. She is a graduate of Metropolitan Business and Vocational College. She has a State of California Realtor license. She is also an antique and collectibles researcher, and a parent and grandparent.

Writing is a passion used to express her independent thinking; and juxtaposed relationships. She also enjoys art, music, dancing, cooking and old movies amongst other things. She is an avid collector of old items and recently had an article about an Early American Pewter Coffee Pot she acquired written up in the magazine; Antique Trader as a publication favourite. She has several poems published in anthologies in America and abroad. She has attended numerous writing conferences and studied writing for many years. Her personal message to you is to love life and enjoy life to the fullest, for you never know when the circumstances will change forever losing the hope of realising your dreams and expectations for the future.

Her homeless time gave her insight into what human character really is and how to make herself a better ‘Homosapien’. It is possible for one to investigate the mirror of life and see what they do not want to become, and she saw that and was saddened by the human condition that she lived in and left. Not that she suddenly hit the lottery, but felt that she progressed considerably to have a domicile of her own just outside of Skid Row and pays her own rent. She plays a poetry puzzle game she invented and hopes to market someday; but would like to share it with you because it is important to her and has helped her remain assertive, confident and have a good attitude through tough times. It is a nine-word poem of encouragement, creativity and motivation. The use of repetition as reinforcement is central to the effectiveness of the ERG poem. The term ERG means work according to Webster’s Collegiate dictionary.

Sharon Smith
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