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Simon Richardson

Having endured a decade and a half of mental health torment, rather than dwell on the past the author wishes to look forward and see what can be achieved in his future. At present, separated, single and on universal credit, living in Cumbria, he wishes to give back to society and those that have forfeited so much already. He is planning to help those who still suffer from their mental health.

He still has to measure each and every day with the ongoing battle with chronic fatigue, cognitive difficulty and short-term memory loss. He will look to offer what he can when he can.

More mindful, empathic and gained emotional intelligence, the journey will never finish as it’s the journey that allows growth.

Simon Richardson
Author's Books
Poppy Fields, Prime Ministers, Poker and PTSD – A Life No Less Ordinary

From Arctic tundra to desert sands, soaring through skies and scaling mountain peaks, this is the riveting story of a helicopter crew-member who defied every environment. Navigating perilous missions at a mere 50 feet and reaching supersonic speeds, this brave aviator faced everything from enemy fir...

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