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Soso was born in Africa in 1980 and relocated to the UK withher family in 1996. What was meant to be a dream come true tomove to the western country did not appear to be the case for her.Instead, she lived her life like a prisoner within herself as shelonged to return to Africa one day. She knew deep down that this Western lifestyle was not for her at all. For a very long time, Sosoalso struggled to understand this energy deep within herself which felt like it was trying to find its own expression. From a very young age, she never felt like being a human being was all she ever was. She lived most of her life consumed by this energy force until one day, when she was 35 years of age, everything became clear to her. She says it was like a bubble had burst, the cocoon had fallen off, her illusions of life were broken and she began to see life from a naked eye. Everything she ever knew and thought was real began to dissolve away and the energy force which consumed her found its own expression and writing became one way of expressing that energy. She understood that what she was experiencing could never be articulated, as language was too inadequate to convey it. At the time, she had absolutely no intention of this ever turning into a book but as she shared her writings with family and close friends, they encouraged her to let the world see her writing. It took her a couple of years to finally listen to them but eventually, she knew and understood it was what she had to do.

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