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Tess Grebe

Tess Grebe lives in Paderborn, Germany. She has been a great fan of fantasy books, ever since she has been little and has been writing smaller and longer fantasy stories for just as long. While Tess has lived in Germany all her life, she grew up speaking English, as her stepfather was a soldier in the British Army and she went to British school within the army camps. She has found her place in life, working with animals, as a vets assistant and writing the types of books she had always loved to read.

Author's Books
The Ancestors of Demons - Book 2

Life; an endless mingling and mixing of light and darkness.A mystery to most, but we demons know all of it. Every world, every rule, every wonder of the worlduniverse. We have descended onto the world “Earth” once more, to share our wisdom with you. The time has come to amaze you humans once mor...

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The Ancestors of Demons: The Shadows

Come, gather around, humans, for a captivating tale awaits. The Shadows invite you to journey into their world, where magic reigns supreme and the impossible becomes reality. Let your imagination run wild as they share their inhuman experiences, offering a non-human outlook on life and a moral code ...

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