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Trinity D.C. Nworah

Trinity leaped into the world in the leap year of 2012 as a triplet child, coming first before his two sisters. Trinity and his sisters are regarded by the media and their admirers as incredibly special and historical children by virtue of circumstances and events surrounding their birth on leap year, London Olympic year, and the Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations. Trinity, from birth, is thriving and living on uniqueness and distinctions like celebrating birthdays once every four years, because leap years come every four years.

Within the family, he is called “chairman” because of being the only boy amidst of five sisters. Trinity as a child keeps to himself, loves watching TV and reading books; otherwise, he becomes restless and disruptive, a behavioural challenge that has earned him autistic status after assessment by experts. Notwithstanding this challenge, Trinity is still very positive that he wants to be a writer and author of many books, setting the pace with The Elemental Emblems.

Trinity D.C. Nworah
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The Elemental Emblems

The Elemental Emblems recounts and reflects on the author’s adventurous experience from Middleton Dome High School’s learning-activities, trips and family holidays, interaction, fascinations, and inspirations drawn from the five elemental symbols of nature: namely, fire, water, air, earth, and ...

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