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Grace Underwood

Grace Underwood, a grandmother of six grandchildren and three children, embarked on an Australian adventure in a converted van, making the most of her agility while it lasts. Many years, beginning at 19 were spent sailing the seven seas. For such a lifestyle, unique as it was and usually not attempted with children in tow, she could gather material to put down in print. She saw firsthand the ravaging effects of Heroin then Methadone. Also, her upbringing created a profile of abandonment, playing second fiddle with only her own accomplishments bringing some semblance of importance to her. This book was therapeutic in that you can only try your very best to note down successfully a story of sadness, not a ‘Happy Ever After’.

Grace Underwood
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Methadone and a Mobile Phone

In Methadone and a Mobile Phone, delve into the turbulent world of Melissa Jane, a woman ensnared by choices that lead her astray. As life’s winding path becomes a treacherous terrain, Melissa grapples with the weight of addiction, an affliction that touches countless souls globally.While many bea...

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