The Glorious Summer Solstice

The Glorious Summer Solstice

The middle of June is the time of year that you can see the Sun stays in place along the horizon when it rises and sets, thanks to Earth’s axis tilting at just the right angle. With the Sun in its highest position, we’ll experience the most daylight in the year.

This pivotal point in the year has been culturally important for human societies since prehistory. Among the ancient monuments and sculptures believed to be dedicated to celebrating the summer solstice is one you may have heard of Stonehenge! Many people gather there each year to witness the Sunrise over the Heel Stone. Whether you plan a trip to Wiltshire or not, you can celebrate this year’s glorious summer solstice by checking out these books!

Love Deuce Metamorphosis by Quixote Syzygy

In this riveting and imaginative tale, Quixote Syzygy spins a modern myth that takes the reader from the heat of Wimbledon’s tennis courts to the fate of humanity itself.

When an epic mixed doubles match between two British pairs – Daphne Laurel and ‘Fool’ Hardy, and Iphis Tangle and Tiresias Tingle – stretches on interminably, the players and spectators alike start to wilt under the relentless summer sun. But Daphne, who possesses the ancient ability to transform into a laurel tree, realizes that human self-importance is the root cause of the deadly heat. She tries to save the crowd by teaching them to become trees themselves.

As people around the world take up the call to ‘Be a Tree’, society splits between the Money-Lovers, who scorn the idea and continue to destroy the earth, and the Earth-Lovers, who sacrifice themselves to try to cool the planet. With appearances by the earwig philosopher Cyril, and interventions from the gods Apollo and Zeus, the tale builds to a shattering conclusion.

Syzygy skillfully weaves classical mythology with a pointed critique of modern values, crafting a fable that is both whimsical and devastating. Love Deuce Metamorphoses is a story of magic, sport, love, and the perils of disregarding our impact on the natural world. This haunting work will make readers see trees, and perhaps themselves, in a whole new light.

Help! My Mum’s a Witch by Lounette Loubser

Growing up in a pagan household can be tough

Because Mom’s always up to all sorts of weird stuff!

She doesn’t fly her broom around

Or wear a pointy hat

But I know she has a wand

And she’ll use it to go Zap!

Well maybe that’s not entirely true

But the other moms, they flinch!

Whatever shall I do?

Help! My mom’s a witch!

As the summer solstice marks a time of transition and celebration, let these enlightening reads be your companions in embracing the longest day of the year and the many sunlit hours that follow, inviting you to bask in the fullness of life's luminous journey.

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