The Ultimate Book Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers and Stocking Fillers

The Ultimate Book Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers and Stocking Fillers

From courageous children’s books that’ll be perfect for stocking fillers to inspiring cookbooks that will finally motivate you to get creative in the kitchen! You’ll find something for everyone on your Christmas list.


Ever find yourself during the build-up to Christmas, too busy with work, sorting out plans for Christmas, organising to catch up with everyone during the holidays and realise… you completely forgot to buy that one person a present. Do not worry, we have got you covered. We have collated a brilliant collection of books that will be perfect for even the most niche and tricky relatives will find thoughtful and intriguing.


Welcome to your 2023 gift guide!


BoBo Hippo by Y. Y. Zheng

 Children\'s book 3-5 years

 When BoBo awakes one morning, they are unable to find their mum! They search all over the place but with no such luck. They turn to ask the rain falling outside for help and after some discussion and confusion, they work together to help find where mummy BoBo could be! This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect present this year for any young children who love all things colourful and animals.


Beyond The Face by Chereine Waddell

 Art Book/Personal Memoir

 This incredible book is full of a beautiful, spin-tingling merge of artwork, makeup, and body paint. A MUST HAVE for any art lovers or budding passionate makeup lovers or those wanting to break into the work of beauty. A book embedded with the message to: Be BOLD, Be BRAVE, Be YOU!


Empress of Kings by Elle Caldwell

 Fantasy/Young Adult – Releases 8th December 2023

 A brand new, incredibly immersive book for all those fantasy lovers! A perfect gift for fans of Fourth Wing and The Shatter Me series. Aeloy was born and raised in the Kingdom’s most dangerous and ruthless prison where 3 nights a week she is brutally beaten and broken in the pits of an illegal fight club led by the warden. One day she is presented with a chance at freedom where all she must do is protect and guard a prince. But in a cursed land where a tyrant Queen rules from a stolen throne, this task will not be so easy. When a kitchen maid goes missing, Aeloy is forced to compete in a series of trials to prove her loyalty to the Queen.


Now Who’s Talking? 1 by Des Lynam OBE


 A hilariously brilliant book by the much-loved Des Lynam OBE known for his career as a sports presenter on the BBC. This is a great gift for all those lovers of dad jokes and who have a fascination into the world of talking animals. ‘Quirky in the best possible way. Putting words into animal’s mouths is no easy thing, but that is exactly what Des has managed to do. It talks to us of being human – and also of being animal – but expressed in a way that we can relate to. And the illustrations take the words to another level: a perfect match!’ Jonathan and Angela Scott (aka The Big Cat People), are award-winning photographers and conservationists.


Smooth Like Whiskey by Olivia Daisy Phillips


 ‘Smooth Like Whiskey’ is a perfect book to add to the collection of your friends/family members who are smitten with romance novels. It’s a brilliant blend of a flourishing love story of falling for a beautiful stranger and learning to fall in love with yourself. Bellamy is learning to overcome her mental illness and accept her body exactly as it is, stretch marks and all. She is clumsy, curvy, swears too much and drinks even more so. Then HE comes along on a fateful holiday and makes her believe in love, but more importantly teaches her the most important kind of love: self-love. Six months after parting, fate has other plans for them.


Learning the Language of Autism by Belle Berroyer

 Health and Wellbeing

 Autism prevalence has increased by 178% since 2000 and with around 75 million people being on the autism spectrum, it is more important than ever to educate ourselves and those around us to help understand all those around us about this misunderstood disorder. ‘Learning the Language of Autism’ offers a refreshing and in-depth understanding of autism, delving into sensory processing, how the senses are connected, how these physically manifest for the autistic person and translates previously misunderstood behaviours into meaning. This is the perfect book for those who may be studying psychology or who have required modules in their studies that include ADHD, Autism, and sensory processing disorders. The book is purposefully tailored and formatted for students to seamlessly reference sections within their work.


Christmas Wishes in Mistletoe by Zoe Price

 Christmas Romance

 The perfect book for those who love a small-town Christmassy romance. Emma has always dreamt of spending Christmas in America; just like in all the blockbuster films she’s seen. When the chance of a lifetime comes her way, she doesn’t hesitate. She ends up in the small town of Mistletoe in Vermont where they go all out for Christmas. Hunter follows his girlfriend to New York but when things don’t work out, he decides to go home to Mistletoe and help his aunt on her bed and breakfast. With a freshly broken heart, he doesn’t expect to find love so soon, but when Emma bumps into him, it\'s love at first sight.


Space Drones - Conquering Nightmares by Kayla Hellis


 A brilliant illustrated children’s book that would be a perfect stocking filler about overcoming your fears and how your fluffy companions can help along the way! Zachary and his puppy, Wanda, love playing outside. But one day, a noisy drone falls from the sky and scares them! That night, Zachary has a dream about big, scary robots. He knows he needs to be brave and face his dream to make it go away. With Wanda beside him, can Zachary show the robots he’s not afraid? Join them on a brave bedtime adventure!


Dolly King: The Gangster’s Daughter by Carol Hellier


 With almost 300 reviews on Amazon, this is a MUST-read book for all fans of crime and gangster drama stories. Dolly is thrown into a world where ruthless men rule; her dad, Michael King is one of them and Tommy Wright, is another. To survive she needs to be as tough as the men, if not tougher. Even though Tommy tried to shield her she rises to the challenge when a back street crook and his tart try to wipe out her dad and frame Tommy. She hunts them down and plans on making them pay in the worst possible way until her dad manages to trick her into leaving the barn so Tommy can mete out the punishment. Sometimes it’s those closest to you who you most need to worry about.


The Glimmering Isle by Sebastian Powers

 Young Adult/Fantasy

 This new fantasy book is perfect for those in your life aged 10-15. A beautiful message of self-acceptance and discovery can be found within this wonderful world on the pages. Where the protagonist learns the importance of friendship and overcomes the beliefs instilled into them by bullies and those who seek to push them down. Rusty isn’t like the other creatures, and they don’t let him forget it. Mocked and mistreated, he longs for adventure. But when his wish is fulfilled, he soon realises it’s nothing like he imagined. When his parents are mysteriously kidnapped during a freak summer storm, he’s forced to leave everything he’s ever known to find them. Along the way, he uncovers secrets about their past and is dragged into a distant conflict that could have consequences for the whole of Oakenwood.


Love Food, Love More! By Silje Merethe Fossnes

 Cookery Book

This book is perfect for the couple that has a gray cloud hanging over their daily lives, with a few too many evenings ending by turning off the bedroom light before any romance occurs. This book is for the newly married couple, it is for your friend who hasn’t quite taken the hint of your interest in him or her; it is for the person who wants to make an effort to impress him or her lover. And to those of you who live contentedly in a long-standing relationship but who are looking for “a new spice on the shelf”.

‘The passionate link between love and food.’


World of 10 Adventures by K J Denham

Marlena, Christopher and friends are faced with many adventures and challenges, taking them to far-flung places from the usual to the unusual.

Follow them to the beach, pond, shoe shop, neighbours, Egypt and beyond.  

Read about their friends on a Russian doll holiday, the cloud family high up in the sky far from home, or delve deep into the ocean to join Inky and the Sea Band at the awards ceremony.    

Their adventures range from spending time with friends and family, being face to face with an ancient Egyptian god, to a visitor from a distant world.

There are all sorts of exciting discoveries to be made with strange and wonderful characters in exotic places.


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