7 Romance Reads to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day!

7 Romance Reads to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Fill your Valentine’s or Galentine's with these vibrant romance books – whether your preference is sweet or spicy, we have got you covered!

Whether you have some romantic plans for your valentines or have a date with a glass of wine and a bubble bath, we have the romance reads you need to fill that romance fix. Fancy a sweaty, light-hearted romance? Or prefer to indulge yourself in a hot, steamy love affair; take your pick from our 7 delectable treats chosen specially for you.

The Endless Autumn by Annabelle Knight

The Endless Autumn is a spicy, steamy, and wickedly erotic story of how a girl next door, unknowingly – but not unwillingly – ventures into the edges of passion and pleasure.

Autumn had it all: a handsome boyfriend, a sensible/stable job, a smart and loyal best friend, and a journalism diploma on the way. But her perfect world crumbles when she uncovers a devastating secret. Desperate for a change, Autumn encounters a mysterious and attractive stranger who offers her a way out. Autumn is swept into a lavish new world, where highflyers, fantasies, and lust rule. Will she find a way out? Or will she find what she truly wants?

Breathless Without You by Kels Hereford

Adam Estrada has a bit of a reputation for his serial dating prowess and is not looking to get into a serious relationship. But when he finds out his sister’s best friend, Kit, is attending his brother’s wedding, he thinks he might be in a little bit of trouble. Especially since he seems to be turning up everywhere Adam is. Kit is the only one who has ever made his heart race, but he’s straight.

Kit Richards has never thought much about his sexual orientation until he comes back into contact with Adam. Adam has suddenly brought up emotions in him that he hasn’t felt since they were teenagers, and his resolve starts to waver. Especially when he falls victim to his feelings a kisses Adam…

Dear Anthony by Chelsea Girard

Dear Anothony, is a romantic comedy that delves into the male’s perspective when it comes to all things ‘He said, she said’.

When you inadvertently give relationship advice to the owner of a top magazine in a cramped elevator, you can expect some turned heads. Anthony Barker is a journalist whose career is anything but prolific, that is until he is lucky enough to run into Lacey Kipper, the head of Los Angeles’s top blogging company. A series of events lands him his own advice column in Los Angeles’s top magazine. As Anthony gets comfortable in his job, he starts to receive letters from an anonymous fan who is looking for a little more than just guidance.

A Simple Love Story by Philippa Dobbs

Jeaunette Cameron was planning to spend the night alone with some ice cream and wine, but instead, she ends up spilling them on Tomas West, the hottest British star in Hollywood. It was supposed to be a random encounter, a twist of fate, but Tomas insists on seeing her again, and they start a fiery and passionate relationship. Tomas is busy with filming, so he only has time for Jeaunette, his Muppet, in her bed at night. Jeaunette is amazed and confused by the intense attraction she has for a famous celebrity, and she decides to go along with the unusual relationship, the help and caution of her friends Ruby and Mark. Tomas and Jeaunette have a stormy love, one that faces exes, enemies, lies, and misunderstandings. They overcome fights, break-ups, compromises, and challenges, but will they stay loyal to each other after the ultimate betrayal and violence?

Love Hurts by Trevor Wrenn

Jane Forebright has what she considers a normal, middle-class existence in suburban Oxfordshire. During her university studies, she befriends the local Lady Eleanor Palmain and her world is suddenly turned upside down when she meets Andrew, Elle's brother, a retired, injured soldier. One night of passion sees her thrust into an unfamiliar world when she becomes pregnant with Andrew's child and he is called back to Afghanistan for a dangerous secret mission. Jane assumes the life of a Lady and tries to adjust to the fact she may never see Andrew again as she waits out her pregnancy. Love Hurts shows us that love will always prevail, but not always in the way we wish for...

How to Save You from You by Stephanie Francis

Delve into the captivating lives of Jenna, Dan, and Helga, as they navigate their own personal struggles amidst a backdrop of mysteries, secrets, and lies. Jenna, an agony aunt who provides solace to others, finds herself grappling with her own inner demons. She seeks comfort in the simple pleasures of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and chamomile tea, sometimes indulging in both simultaneously.

Dan, an ambitious journalist hungry for recognition, stops at nothing to make a name for himself. However, as he delves deeper into Jenna’s past and present, he discovers that the truths he once believed to be clear-cut are far more complex and elusive.

Meanwhile, Helga yearns to recapture her youth, but her grandchildren’s concerns weigh heavily on her. She confronts the harsh reality that people often judge based solely on appearances, and her desires clash with the expectations placed upon her.

Within the pages of How to Save You from You, a web of interconnected lives unravels, revealing the interplay between past and present, fame and anonymity. Jenna, haunted by the repercussions of her widely acclaimed book, How to Save You from You, realizes that her newfound fame has unforeseen consequences, threatening to shape her future in unexpected ways.

Song of Love by Pat Abercromby and Scarlett Palys

 Releases 1st of March

A serendipitous duet between two rising classical stars crescendos into a fiery musical chemistry. Yet ambition, arrogance, and misunderstanding threaten to keep pianist Susanne Campbell and tenor Luke de Mora out of harmony.

Though their instant connection leads to a promising musical collaboration, clashing temperaments drive the pair apart. As they build successful separate careers and experience the thrills of new romances and devastating heartbreaks, Susanne and Luke remain haunted by echoes of that unforgettable first performance.

Over years marked by fame and failure, birth, and death, can the two star-crossed musicians find their way back to each other? Will long-buried memories of their powerful musical bond rekindle into an enduring encore of passion? Or will the scars of the past sabotage their last chance at love?

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