Winter Reads and Blanket Burrow Books this Holiday Season

Winter Reads and Blanket Burrow Books this Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again when all you want to do is get inside where it\'s warm, find a nice cosy corner and take out that Christmas book you have just started. The holiday season has an excellent way of creeping up on us when we least expect it. But with it comes more downtime and many more opportunities to sit back and relax with a good winter read. Otherwise known as blanket burrow books, these holiday books are just the perfect tool to get you in a festive mood and ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas.


In addition to a good book, you also need some supplies and items to help you create that cosy atmosphere. We have the perfect list for you to get started, including some great holiday books you can buy today!


5 Things You Need in Addition to Cozy Winter Reads

In addition to a good Christmas read, to start you off with your cosy winter reading this year, you will need a few other items to create a nice space where you can burrow down with your book. We have created a simple list of things you can purchase from anywhere to improve your reading experience.


1. Cozy Warm Blanket

The most crucial item comes up at number one. A nice, cosy blanket will be the perfect addition to your cosy corner. Winter reads will be less enjoyable if you feel cold and not relaxed. A snuggly, comfy blanket is ideal for creating a peaceful and warm feeling when you start your book. There are a variety of blankets to choose from, but it is best to pick one that you are otherwise comfortable with. It should be warm, thick enough, and made of not itchy or scratchy material.


2. Holiday Spiced Candles

The aura of the holiday season or Christmas is complete with the smells and aromas we are familiar with around this time of year. If you want to create a suitable atmosphere to read in, it is essential to have the proper lighting and scent in the room. Candles provide both! Not only can they create extra light, but they can also change the entire aura of space with their distinct scents. It is essential to have enough light to read, so in addition to a candle, there should be a lamp or attachable reading light for your book so that there is sufficient light to read.


3. Warm, Yummy Hot Beverages

If you want to stay up till the wee hours of the night finishing that Christmas book on the weekend, you might need some help. A lightly caffeinated beverage like tea, coffee and even hot chocolate can be the perfect addition to a good book. Why not invest in new flavours of tea or coffee that can motivate you to sit down and read? It could provide something hot and pleasant to sip!


4. Best Books to Read on Christmas

A good Christmas novel is crucial for starting your winter reading season. These novels and holiday books are available on our site for purchase, and to make your job easier, we have provided a great list below so you don’t have to search for them. Buy only one so that you have a few for your shelves and you are not wasting time looking for books when you have all the time to read this holiday season.


5. Comfortable Place to Sit 

Lastly, it would help if you had a quiet and comfortable place to sit. You will need more than just reading in a busy or high-traffic area to help you focus. To get engaged with a book, you must be free from all outside distractions, including your phone, laptop, TV and others. Why not set up a nice cosy corner and let everyone know you are busy reading and would not like to be disturbed right now?

Holiday Books to Start Your Winter Reading

1. Winter

2. At Night, the Lanterns Cry

3. Mid-Winter Bleak

4. The Endless Autumn

5. Simone’s Choice

6. Writing in Wet Cement

7. Winter Tales

8. Astrid Book II: Good People Do Bad Things

9. Snow is Falling

10. Pretty Flowers in the Snow


Get Cozy this Winter with Some Christmas Reads

Now that you have a complete list of winter reads and all the supplies to create that nice corner to burrow deep with a good book, you are ready to begin your winter reading marathon. Sometimes, finding the time to read can be difficult with work and home schedules. With the holiday season approaching, you will have much extra time to commit to reading. So it is crucial to set time aside once or twice a week to read some books you enjoy. If you have everything ready beforehand, all you need to do is enjoy yourself.  

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