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Writing in Wet Cement-bookcover

By: Jayne Lisbeth

Writing in Wet Cement

Pages: 222 Ratings: 5.0
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All these years later, nightmares of that marriage wrack my sleep. Heart pounding, I am cowering, running, trying to escape. My whimpers awaken the man now beside me, who loves me with only sweetness, kindness and laughter. He cradles me, dragging me back from the past into the joy and safety of my current life. I stare into the darkness of the night and memories. I wonder, not why did that marriage fail, but why did I allow it to last so long? To the outside world, it looked perfect. Only my mother and closest friends knew the inside reality of my life and how I was caught in the velvet trap of psychological abuse. Jayne Lisbeth was a privileged child, yet death and loss tore apart her world from an early age. The explosion of the free love and feminist movements of the 60s and 70s provided a renaissance, which slipped away during her marriage and motherhood in the 80s. Then, discovering her mother's past secrets illuminated the connections between their generations. Through that she found the courage to escape and create a new future. In deeply personal ways, Ms. Lisbeth reveals the depths of pain and elevation of joy by sharing her most intimate life experiences through sensually evocative words and painterly writing. Writing in Wet Cement is a tale which resonates with all women.
Jayne Lisbeth is a writer who focuses on the evolution and distillation of women's lives, their joyous and painful relationships buoyed by enduring friendships and family history. After growing up on Long Island, Jayne's life took her to Vermont, Massachusetts, and California, all of which figure prominently in her work. She and her artist husband live in Tampa, Florida.
Customer Reviews
9 reviews
9 reviews
  • Rosemary Borel

    I must admit that I couldn’t put down Jayne’s memoir. It was so riveting that I raced through it the first time in three days, staying up till the wee hours to finish it. This is a testimony of Jayne’s talent and skills in story-telling, an attribute most likely handed down by her mother. Her mother’s story paralleled hers and was an integral part of the book, often influencing how Jayne made subsequent life-changing decisions.

  • Monica Westergaard

    I found myself waking up in the middle of the night just to read another chapter. Beautifully written, the life story of Jayne is told through dancing words that vividly awoke my imagination. As I progressed through the chapters, my emotions ranged from those of tears to smiles and giggles. Jayne Lisbeth, her experiences in life, and the courage she has shown to take back her life and identity is an inspiration to all women.

  • Howard Gordon

    This book dives into the depths of Ms Lisbeth’s heart and soul. After starting the book I felt that it was geared to women but as I continued to read, it became clear that the men in this story moulded the Jayne of today. As a man with a strong feminine side, I found it incomprehensible that the men in Ms. Lisbeth’s life were stereotypes of the mental abuser. This is partly a cautionary tale for men as well as a tale of the metamorphosis of a person from what I consider a victim to a strong, powerful, confident woman. I will not call Bryant a savior but a catalyst that helped form today’s Jayne. A really great read that gets my five-star recommendation.

  • Ray Straight

    There were times when Jayne’s book, Writing In Wet Cement, was so true to events that her words gave me flashbacks. This book is Jayne, her heart and so many years of her life. Jayne’s experiences amazed me. Travelling into her life, I had no idea of the many events she went through. I’m happy she’s here to tell the world. Writing In Wet Cement is a great book and I’ve loved every page. Jayne has opened the world for others to explore!

  • Sandy Orrill

    An incredibly honest and touching memoir of a feminist battling the wrenching challenges life throws her way while struggling with her irrational inner demons that continually whisper, she is somehow guilty. It is a wonderfully written story with a message every woman can relate to!

  • William Murrah

    This is not just a book for and about women. It is about relationships and growth. It forced me to recognize some of the obstacles that must have faced my mother and sisters. It is a great read which helps too.

  • Susan Rodriguez

    Just finished reading Jayne Lisbeth’s remarkable book. Couldn’t put it down. Thank you for sharing your life.

  • Heather Rippert

    I've been enjoying every word and can relate to so much on so many levels. Savouring your story. Thank you for sharing yourself so fully and authentically!

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