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By: Bruno Beaches


Pages: 224 Ratings: 5.0
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A futuristic, dystopian novel that charts the absolute division of modern society, as the majority of the population dutifully and readily accept the new medical-digital dictatorship in exchange for peace-of-mind and alleged safety. A hardcore, significant minority refuse to bow the knee to chemical tyranny and totalitarianism. As a result, the majority are medically protected from the untreated vulnerable minority by a geographical division of society, policed not by concrete walls and barbed wire, but by lethal drones. The majority are controlled and protected in their ultra-safe, utilitarian, futuristic, world, complete with artificial food, driverless electric taxis, permanent social distancing, and little need to work. The renegades in the excluded world are left to fend for themselves, to build new communities in the abandoned wild lands, living hand-to-mouth, without electricity or any mod-cons, but they are free.

The consequences for the two communities unfold through the story, piece by piece, are not what you would expect!

The author is a retired police officer who has had a lot of life experience. He was married to his first wife for thirty years and they raised four children. Following a divorce, he married again and divorced just three years later. Apart from writing, he plays the piano, loves gardening and has carried out a lot of DIY building projects in his spare time. He is a ‘people person’, and has always taken a keen interest in behavioural psychology and relationships.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • Bruno Beaches

    This is such an impacting and realistic story of what could happen if the divisions encouraged in society during 2020 and 2021 due to political manipulation, excused by the ‘pandemic’ policies, were to carry on growing in the near future. It examines the perspective of two completely opposite sides of society - one ‘privileged’, the other deind and excluded. The numerous tales from both sides reflect on the vulnerabilities and strengths of human nature. It weaves together a fascinating, enlightening and entertaining story that should shake you to your core. The writing flows beautifully, and the overall story is rich with surprising events and revelations which will stimulate your awe of humankind for both good and bad reasons.

  • Beth

    2034 is an excellent, smart, interesting, and well-written book that I would recommend to all.

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