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40 Days and Nights-bookcover

By: Iren Rinmad

40 Days and Nights

Pages: 174 Ratings: 4.9
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A book where you get to follow a challenging time in someone’s life, when deep reflections on the existence and purpose of humanity arise. A book full of wisdom, insights and excitement. A book that is written to be experienced not only with the mind but also with the soul/heart.

It was a deep yearning for something more authentic that led Iren Rinmad to leave her work in the fashion industry and train as a yoga teacher. Yoga is for Iren a valuable tool to become one with the essence of the life-force.

She has worked as a yoga teacher since 2004. Apart from her devotion for the essence of life or the heart as she also refers it to, she has a passion for the written word. And has had two books published in the genre ‘spiritual fiction’.

The joy and love of writing has taken different forms throughout the years, and has now translated into a genre that she named spiritual fiction; an outer story that points you inward at regular intervals.

But the secret lies not in the words, she says, but beyond them. Iren hopes that her writing will be perceived as not only entertainment for the mind but also a recognition of the essence of all her stories. This place that Iren calls the heart.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • Yama

    In the story, we get to out into deep water, and also look deeper within ourselves in a way that I have never thought about before.
    The book captivated me from the first page and it has left an imprint that I feel grateful for.

  • Mind blowing!

    What a book! Remarkable. If this is a true story it’s just so fascinating. This is what happens when you say yes to life!
    Thank you. I’m humbled and just so touched by the book. To all who haven’t read the book I just say: read it, it’s going to change you in ways you didn’t know where possible. It has a resonance that touch our innermost being. It reflects That sameness in all of us. That you are.

  • @twins.reading.books

    40 Days and Nights is an entirely engaging and informative book, it has plenty of thrills and adventure to satisfy any reader! The Author Iren Rinmad has written an outstanding story merging fantasy and adventure, offering rock-solid world building, satisfyingly perilous obstacles and a main character that I found it to be so inspiring and very entertaining!
    In the novel 40 Days and Nights, Valentina embarks on a voyage across the Indian Ocean with the help of three other individuals. Valentina is worried about the voyage even before it starts since she is still healing from a traumatic accident, but she enables the captain, Janek, to convince her otherwise. As he predicted, a week passes rather quickly.
    The book is exquisitely written, with nearly lyrical language and philosophical views on life. Despite the book's brief length, you have time to care for and empathize with the characters.
    This book is for you if you are interested in existential issues, the ego and spiritual notions, or if you like to read about beautiful descriptions of both thoughts and the surroundings.
    Readers who enjoy contemplative literature, existential ideas, and spiritual experiences will enjoy 40 Days and Nights.
    The book helps you get to know the characters and have a thorough grasp of the Valentina’s and tourists. It doesn't take long for you to discover that everyone is suffering with their own background, which is revealed in bits and pieces throughout the novel.
    Over the course of 40 days and nights, Valentina travels both physically and internally. The book has various proverbs and is beautifully and spiritually written.

  • mommy_and_books

    Quite an interesting story. A story about changing a girl's life. She did not recover from a terrible accident. She is sore. She went with three people on a one-week cruise that lasted much longer. She hadn't expected it to be so dangerous. The captain is a Pole, Janek. He's very pushy. I didn't like his behavior. Our main character, Valentina, is self-centered. He fights with himself. It says a lot about God. He prays often. He philosophizes a lot about the existence of life. How will the case with Janek end? Will the entire team of 4 reach the site? Will Valentina find herself and overcome her fears and phobias? You will meet Janek, Bo, Valentina and Nora. I am curious which character will you like?

    This book is not fat. Perfect for reading in one day. I like this author's writing style. It has such a depth. The author perfectly communicates her philosophical views to us through Valentina. I am glad that I was able to read "40 Days and Nights".

    Finally, a quote from the book:

    "(...)My body is my tool, my vessel on this journey.
    My heart is my courage and my guide.(...)"

    Did you go on a cruise on the Indian Ocean?

    The main character during this voyage mainly undergoes a spiritual transformation.

    I can really recommend "40 days and nights" - mommy_and_books

  • Sassy

    "40 Days and Nights" penned by the author Iren Rinmad is an insightful read. Main character of the story is Valentina. She had an accident with the Vespa in India and she hasn't healed completely. Valentina embarks on a voyage across the Indian Ocean along with three others: Bo, Nora and the captain Janek.

    It was nice to read about Valentine's fears, anxiety and worries as I was able to relate to that. Author has described the characters perfectly. Writing style of the author is nice. Storyline is interesting and those who love books involving spiritual transformation would enjoy this one for sure.

    If you love reading books full of wisdom then go ahead with this one. This book will inspire you to go on an adventure. This book has touched me deeply and it has filled me with positivity. I am looking forward to going on adventures and for my spiritual transformation now.

  • Daisy

    Iren knows how to grab not only your mind but your heart and soul, the story of Valentina is very gripping and Iren has a compelling and lyrical prose that I loved so much.
    A very unique, fun to read, refreshingly original story, this is a haunting yet hopeful story of a centered character that I loved, Valentina's personality has shown growth in the best aspects and I enjoyed that reading.
    40 days and nights is an enduring work of survival literature, Iren has merged some very fabulous and intriguing genres, I found this book very insightful and I have marked many quotes that were full of wisdom. Iren Rinmad delivers valuable and life changing gold nuggets of advice in this wonderful book, I LOVED it and it is a must read for every person! I learned a lot from this outstanding book.
    From the sharp sensory details to capturing the whole experience emotionally and physically this is a compulsive and engaging book that I enjoyed so much reading. The Author's lyrical prose shines with evocative imagery, bringing life to every subject they encounter, I rate this 5/5 and would love to re-read it as soon as possible.

  • Rachel T.

    The book is quite short, so it was a quick read. But the content will remain with me for a long time.
    If you like books that make you stop and reflect, then this is the book for you.

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