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By: Michael Alan

A Boy Named Tigger

Pages: 224 Ratings: 4.7
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Adoption is a wonderful opportunity to give a child a loving parental relationship to grow up in the comfort of a home and family. One hears or sees TV programmes of how successful adoption can be! A Boy Named Tigger tells the story of a little boy torn away from a loving family environment to be adopted at the age of four by a couple struggling to get back on their feet after the second world war.

He went to a mother who had a split personality and tried to control every aspect of Tigger’s life subjecting him to mental torture at times. Growing up he managed to tear himself away from his mother and start a new life, gradually clearing his mind from the unhappiness of his childhood and embarking on several successful careers. The writing of this book was the therapy he needed to eventually clear his mind.

Michael Alan grew up in West Sussex and after finishing his private education had a career in banking before a massive change into the world of horses, competing to a high level. Divorce led him to change once more into estate agency before completing his working life in a successful career in financial services, travelling to Brazil, Borneo and Zimbabwe. Now retired, the writing of this book provided him with great therapy and emotional release.

Customer Reviews
15 reviews
15 reviews
  • Mary Duly--Southampton

    Yet to read the book in full, but so far a very good looking book and Michael and the publishers should be very proud--I already have tissue being used!

  • Ann Nash Isle of Wight

    Mikes book arrived yesterday -finished and passed on to husband to read----it is an excellent book, well written, traumatic, and certainly paints a picture

  • Michael Escott

    This book is well written and a page turner! I have known Tigger as a dear friend for the past 20 years or more and I was interested to find out more detail about his past upbringing, especially as an adopted child. My wife was adopted at birth and fortunately was adopted at birth by very loving parents. I new Tigger had a tough upbringing but to his credit his “can do attitude” saw him through some very difficult times. My admiration and respect for Tigger has grown enormously having read his book. Well done Tigger, You made it happen through your determination to succeed. It has been a pleasure and honour to have known you. All the best Mike

  • Nigel Smith West Country

    A very sad story, Mike Thanks for sharing it

  • David Tomlinson

    Michael is my first cousin once removed though we have yet to meet. I wanted to read his story as a way of getting to know him a little and the book really delivers on that front. Touching on some deeply disturbing issues around abuse and mental illness Michael tells a tale where resilience and hopefulness shape a future that was so much better than the past. We can only be responsible for ourselves and Michael makes this clear, shaping himself around love and family, cherishing the good and refusing to be twisted up by the bad. I also learned a bit more about Michael's 'real' mother, a lady who I knew quite well as a child. So thank you for being brave enough to share your story Micheal, I will look forward to one day chatting about over a good coffee.

  • Robert Dowling

    An excellent read, written with honesty and sincerity, and in remarkable detail, given the recollection of memories from such a young age.

    Knowing the author as a personal friend as well as a former work colleague, I was shocked to find out the things I did not know about him!
    Given the mental 'baggage' he has carried with him all of his life, his tenacious "never give up" attitude is a credit to him and an example to all.

  • Angie Linter

    Just read this book - a real page turner I couldn’t put it down. More interesting for me because I knew several of the people mentioned and was also mentioned which was a surprise ! I didn’t realise what an awful childhood Mike had experienced I knew his “mother” and she was obviously a Jekyll and Hyde because I dealt with her on a professional level and she was always very pleasant to me !! I know “Tigger” has now found great happiness with Wendy which he truly deserves as he is a very nice guy.

  • Robbie Exeter

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down. I would throughly recommend it to anyone.

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