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A Life Worth Living -bookcover

By: Simon Ingram

A Life Worth Living

Pages: 246 Ratings: 3.0
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Sometimes, looking at your past can give you the strength to move forward. As the classic symptoms of Parkinson's disease began to take control of Simon's life, he became a shadow of his former self. After months of fighting to keep the disease in check, Simon finally found the strength to tell his family and even managed to book an appointment with a neurologist. Sadly, at a time when he needed an experienced health care professional to help him fight his corner, what he got was a cold, uncaring man who clearly had no time for his situation. However, his initial assessment proved to be 100% accurate; at just 36 years of age, Simon was told he had Parkinson's disease. The desire to produce a written account of his life for his immediate family and friends led to A Life Worth Living. Ingram looks back at his life, often with humour and pathos, and decides that the way to keep going is to appreciate the life he has led. The only way to fight is to appreciate what battles he has already fought and won. After all, what else makes a life worth living? Ingram's first-hand account of his life from his early childhood to teen years to his first signs of the debilitating disease give an insider's look at not just a 'disease' but a man.

Forty years after he'd discovered QPR, the club retains its near total control on Simon's life. In 2003, at just 36 years of age, Simon was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Not even this degenerative neurological illness could affect his total commitment to Queens Park Rangers. Yet again, the 2015-2016 campaign saw Simon and his son Joshua renew their season tickets, all but guaranteeing another 9 months of stomach churning, high octane twists and turns by a club that always seem to test the nerves of their supporters.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Brian Gwynne

    If you are looking for a book to inspire you to be all you can be even in the face of adversity and a read that takes you back to your own childhood growing up during the 70s then look no further. We all take what we have for granted sometimes and this book is a real golden nugget that I'm sure will resonate with us all.

  • Kev Borrett

    Great book, great read, great bloke ... This being the second book I have received from Simon I was really looking forward to reading Living by my rules. And like the first book I was giving QPR away days I wasn't disappointed. As like before once I started to read this book I found it very difficult to put it down. A great insight to Simons life I'm fortunate to know Simon with him being just a few years older than me there are so many similarities. Luckily one similarity I don't have is his love for scooters but maybe faster than the scooter was the mention of bicycles. For example GRIFTER, CHOPPER great memories. Like I said I know Simon not for long and believe me anyone who reads A LIFE WORTH LIVING will get an insight to Simons life and for me he definitely has A LIFE WORTH LIVING ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • Tony M

    What an enjoyable read this was. I'm from a similar generation to Simon and it was an absolute pleasure to have an insight into Simon's life growing up in Northamptonshire and it gave me many a smile as I turned the pages.
    What I liked about this book was because Simon is able to describe in great detail his life at school, his taste in music, football etc as he grew up, I found myself recollecting back to my time and the fun and friendships you have as you grow up from being a child to an adult.
    The book also provided me with a greater understanding of Parkinson's disease and the effects it can have on an individual and also their families and at the same time what comes through is Simon's strong determination to remain upbeat and positive whilst living with Parkinson's and to get as much out of life as possible and to make sure you always have a smile on your face as life is definitely worth living.

  • Carol Baldwin

    What a brilliant book!!
    I live in Northamptonshire but don't know the town that well. So interesting reading about the places I have passed through and learning a little of their history.
    Having recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease this book really touched a nerve regarding receiving the diagnosis from the Consultant and telling friends, family and work colleagues of my diagnosis.
    Thank you for helping me realise I am not alone.
    Thank you too for making me laugh.

  • V Preedy

    I have read this book within a week and WOW! What a story it is!
    It feels as though you are having a drink with him the way the story is told! I have had a few giggles and tears.
    The amazing person for living life to its full advantage and letting nothing get in his way!


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