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By: M.A. Murad

A New Prophet

Pages: 80 Ratings: 5.0
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“Love is the noblest of feelings. It is the cloak in which everything becomes beautiful for both the lover and the beloved. Love triggers empathy and kindness, softening even the hardest of hearts. It unveils new meanings in things we thought we knew well. Love inspires ordinary people to become poets and musicians, painters and sculptors, builders and revolutionaries. It fosters selflessness and finds ways to give, even when there are hardly any means to do so.”It has been a hundred years since a Prophet had last spoken, and in a world that is rapidly changing, the people of Herta find themselves lost and confused. Al Muntazara returns to share her wisdom; reminding people of love, humanity, and equality. She shows them the uniqueness of their era to help them navigate life and to realign their values.

M. A. Murad was born in 1962. He studied art and architecture in the UK, and has worked and resided in various cities in Europe and Asia over the past 38 years. He currently lives with his wife in the middle east.

Customer Reviews
7 reviews
7 reviews
  • Omar K

    A book that’s full of wisdom and encapsulates all contemporary issues in a few pages. Its poetic narration gives you the beautiful tone of poetry without any of the confusion usually associated. Love this and recommend to any reader.

  • Muna

    Very well written, easy to read, and makes you contemplate the meaning of love, of time, of music and art, of technology, etc. It is an inspiring work of art! And the illustrations in the book were produced by the author as well! Love it and highly recommend it! Looking forward to more books by this author!

  • RF

    I've finished this book a wiser individual. Lessons are contained which apply to all cultures and individuals in today's world. I appreciated the clear expression and no-nonsense practicality of the author.

  • K.B

    As a spiritual successor to Khalil Gibran's 'The Prophet', the book masterfully balances the elements that made the Gibran's work a classic, while also retaining a distinct and modern feel. Its discussion on themes such as Love, Death and the Enviroment are laced with vivid imagery, poignant poetry, and a thorough understanding of the human experience, all the while being accompanied by gorgeous illustrations. A deep, thought provoking book that serves as a much needed spiritual treatise of our times.

  • Nada A.N

    I have read this book twice since I received it. What a wonderful follow-up on Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece.

  • Deema Alashhab

    I got the chills reading this book. It is great when you find a book that completely drags you in, easy read, and makes you re-assess things around you. This book managed to surpass my high expectations. The pictures in this book were such a delight as well.

  • Cecil John

    This book is the work of a genius I was expecting a work of art, but I still wasn’t prepared for the extent to which you put poetic poise to pen. As I read through this tremendous composition, I thought about King David (Book of Psalms) and King Solomon (Song of Songs), but in a modern day progressive context with deep concern for both humanity and the planet. This book is not just a masterful exposition of love, it’s a work of art skillfully and surgically composed by a true renaissance author, in every artistic way imaginable. You will not regret investing in this timeless production.

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