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By: April E. Claridge

A Roman and a Celt

Pages: 283 Ratings: 5.0
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What was life like living in Roman Britain at the time of the Roman invasion? How difficult was it for a young Briton to fit into the Roman world?In this past-life memoir, April recalls many details of this crucial time in British history, yet she writes it in the style of an adventure novel that is both captivating and intriguing.Dana was merely a girl when the Roman invasion began in AD 43. Driven from her home, her family slaughtered, she quickly learnt to hate the Roman invaders with vengeance—and yet she was destined to marry one. What other surprises did fate have in store?Dana was 16 years old, hot tempered, headstrong and far too impetuous for her own good.This is her story—this is not just another 'historical novel', but the memoirs of someone who actually remembers being there.

Born to English parents in Melbourne, Australia, April has always maintained a strong passion for history and the written word. She possesses a deep interest in the spiritual and psychic sciences, and combines these interests to convey her Past-Life Memories.

April has travelled widely around the world, having resided in both Australia and Britain, and likes to think of herself as a “space traveller of the Earth”. Currently, she lives with her family in an 18th century cottage in a quiet little village in Lincolnshire.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Ian Richardson

    Having just read this new book, I found it to be very well researched and in keeping with the known facts from the history of the period set by the author. It reads as a thrilling adventurer, set in the early days of the Roman Invasion of Ancient Britain, I cannot wait to read the next novel by this author. This, in my opinion, is on a level with other well-known authors from this period of Roman History. It also inspires the belief that death is not an end. To be highly recommended.

  • Colin Hughes

    The most enjoyable novel from a couple of millennia ago by the person that was actually there at the time! Well worthy of a place in the 'Historical Novels' category.

  • L Candal

    A well researched novel set in Roman/Celtic Somerset. The story has surprising twists and turns recalled by the author who has written her memories of a past life. The landscape and sites where her adventures took place are still to be seen , and this adds to the validity of her narrative. A delightful read.

  • H Tait

    As the Romans consolidate their conquest of Britain in AD 47, a relationship develops between a Roman soldier and a young woman of the Dobunni tribe.

    The author brings these characters and their world to life in this intriguing narrative. Our lives are inescapably shaped by the context we live in, and in this story the reader has swept along in the action, wanting to discover what mark the historic events will leave on this unlikely couple.

    This book is a well-researched and interesting read, made all the more fascinating by the author’s conviction that this was not a dream remembered, but a life recalled.

  • Mary

    An extremely riveting and well revised read - a must for any serious literature reader

  • Julia Wilson

    A Roman And A Celt by April E Claridge is a fascinating historical novel that consumed me from the start.
    The novel is a mixture of facts and happenings from a series of dreams by the author – which she later researched and found to be accurate. The novel is woven together seamlessly, creating an exciting and comprehensive account of life in Roman Britain from AD 57.
    It was a time of invasion and battles, many of which were brutal.
    We see that love happens when it will as an understanding of marriage is replaced by a love match.
    The action is seen in the first person through the eyes of Dana, a Celt. She is plucky, brave, and likable.
    A Roman And A Celt have pencil drawings throughout, allowing the reader to see the characters. There are also present-day photos of the ancient sites mentioned in the novel.
    A Roman And A Celt was an exciting read that educates whilst entertaining.

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