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A World of Stone-bookcover

By: Mireille Saba Redford

A World of Stone

Pages: 80 Ratings: 5.0
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From Mireille Saba Redford, author of A City Across the Night, The Waltz of Dust and The Wounded Virtue, and translator and editor of The Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry, here is a new collection of English poems that will take you to a forgotten land where nothing seems to matter anymore.
A World of Stone adopts the voice of a woman who finds her life turned upside down when faced with the harsh realities of the modern world and clings to her childhood memories, when the land of legends was a truly mysterious and captivating place.
It highlights her love that could not overcome her pride, her loneliness caused by the many losses she has encountered, and her sorrows amidst the fast and sad changes in the world, such as humanitarian crises, drug abuse, violence, alienation, inequality, power in the hands of the few and abuse of human rights.
Throughout the poems, you will hear and feel all the torments, disappointments and cries which somehow have the power to change the way some perceive the world. However, there is a clear message that despite losing its ‘gentility’, the world can still have a ‘Margin of Peace’ that would guarantee its security and sustainability.
This book of love and anger, of the living and the dead, displays the values that once formed the very pillars of our society, and sends a call to restructure what is left and to stop the decline in civil liberties. Its vivid descriptions shed light on the poet’s own experiences, while stressing the need both to save a world on the brink and to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable by a return to the humanitarian principles of equality and justice.

Mireille Saba Redford was born in Beirut before moving to Sydney where she worked as an interpreter and a newspaper editor, and wrote poetry and short stories which granted her an award at The Sydney Writers’ Festival. She has four publications including an Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry. She’s a teacher and a coordinator at a couple of universities in Beirut.
Redford established two poetry magazines in English and is a proven team-leader encouraging excellence in performance.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Wedad Touny.from the United State of America.

    Before you read another book, read this book first. The author awesome writer. you could read it on the aeroplane, or on the beach, or at home any place you wish. You will enjoy it. just from reading her review about the book. I am very excited can hardly wait to have it in my hand and read it.

  • 5 stars

    "One of the best 10 books of the year."-Literary Review, Stars Illustrated Magazine, New York.

  • Chantal Hakim

    It's a collection of poetry that combines nostalgia with the present. The harsh realities have made living unbearable but with a margin of faith ande, the poet succeeded in transporting us to an enchanting world

  • Joseph Azizi

    "A World Of Stone" has been cleverly and colorfully written by its author. Some of the themes covered by the poems resonated with many of my life experiences to the extent that I felt they were written for me personally.
    And this is why I enjoyed reading the book so much. A particular mention for the poem "The Day I Die!" that conveyed a beautiful look at one's attempt for immortality. Congratulations to both the author for such fine writing and to the publisher for correctly choosing this body of work to promote.

  • R. Hyseni

    I read this book and I loved! It's a landscape of different profound emotions and feelings bound with author’s personal life experience by being able to implement her thoughts and wishes through writing to promote and ask for peace, love and forgiveness without limits. Her unique writing technique intrigued made me to read all her books. I do recommend everyone to buy this amazing book. Congratulations!

  • Debra Kartz

    Prof. Mireille Saba Redford has written in my humble opinion the BOOK of the 21st CENTURY which could be key to world peace, prosperity for all, and sustainability for our planet!!! I guarantee once you pick it up you’ll not be able to put it down until you’ve savoured each word in each gripping, mesmerizing, scintillating poem! These poems vividly describe and reflect the writer’s personal experiences and observations on things such as the recent devastating explosion in her City of Beirut, Lebanon last August 2020, and speaks for those who tragically lost their lives in that blast, and for all those affected mentally, emotionally and physically by battles and disasters in the war-torn Middle East. Prof. Redford’s poems brilliantly express her deep desire and lifelong scholastic pursuit for Humanitarian goals of equality and justice not just for the Middle East but for the entire world. Her poems cry out for an end to discrimination and prejudice, an end to abuse of power, help for those in our society who are most vulnerable, and creation of a sustainable world for all classes of people. Prof. Redford’s poems, written from a gamut of emotions, show it’s possible to create a sustainable world without the need for totalitarian control and dominance, the key being a return to democracy, human rights, and principles of equality and justice. This book beings a fresh and innovative look at current world issues making it a MUST READ for students of all ages and levels (elementary to university), and a MUST READ by government officials and staff in every country worldwide who have the power and sworn duty to make changes which positively affect our planet and every human being (young and old)...especially our children, and our grandchildren!!! Thank you Prof. Redford for your wisdom, insight, and God-inspired poems which display compassion, empathy, and insight, and provide a critical key to peaceful solutions to the violence and disturbing world issues we are currently facing at this pivotal point in our history (COVID-19 and “The Great Reset”). Prof. Mireille Saba Redford’s poems bring light and hope and peace during one of the most challenging and darkest historical times of our lifetime/century!!! God bless and protect you and your family Mireille!!!

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