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By: Kathryn Kennedy

A-Z of Animal Collectives

Pages: 58 Ratings: 5.0
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Have you ever wondered what a group of ants is called? Or a group of ducks? Or eagles? Or lizards? There is a whole world of amazing “collective nouns” to describe these groups. Some of them are very funny! Join us on an alphabetical journey through some strange scenarios, silly predicaments, and crazy situations, as animal groups from apes to zebu join together in a funny word world all their own! Language is a wonderful way to engage and amuse kids!
This book of 26 short verse poems plays with the sounds and images language produces for children and encourages imagination in the young reader.

Insects in a Rabble went out to play.
They put on their shoes, yellow and grey.
But a Mess of Iguanas had taken the swings,
And the sandpit and climbers and jumpity things.

Inspired by the inquisitive nature of children and their endless quest for answers, this sweet, funny book will ignite the love of language, reading and imagination in young readers everywhere!

Twelve Beds of Oysters lined up in a row,

Trying to sleep, though finding sleep slow,

Called out to a Parliament of Owls flying low,

The moonlight is making us restless, you know.”

Kathryn is a mother of five who lives in western New South Wales. She owns a historic Edwardian hotel which she runs as a function centre and bed and breakfast. She writes in her spare time and has a passion for learning. She is currently working on her second book and some workshops for high school-aged students.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Jessica Strathfeild

    Perfect for my class!!! We are learning about collective nouns and this book is a wonderful learning tool for 8-10yrs

  • James Smith

    Very cool children’s book, kids love it especially learning about the different animals.

  • Maria Day

    Absolutely loved this book!! So funny and clever. My kids loved it too and we carried on with the collectives for ages. Highly recommended.

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