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By: Rob Jewell

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OK, if I’m completely honest, since I’ve been quite ill just before my half-century, at the end of 2016, I realised that I hadn’t ever got around to passing on the stories of my childhood to my children; that cluster of experiences and characters from my past that have “helped” me become the person that their father is today.   

Memories of a childhood in late 60s and 70s Llanelli is considered within, though they’ll possibly be of no consequence to others, I hope that my girls find them of interest. This entanglement of belonging and of being are what has made me who I am and how I am. 

I’ve never written a book before, though I’ve created one many times and at many stages of my life in my head. English is not even my mother tongue. Welsh has and always will be more comfortable for me, though I’ll try to make Dr Martin Rhys, my English teacher, who I both revered and feared at Ysgol y Strade, proud.

The childhood memories noted here are true from my perspective. Any factual mistakes are there because that’s how I remember them happening. None of the content is aimed at upsetting anyone, but I’m sure it will. “Que sera, sera,” as Myngu Norman used to say. 

I’ve kept some personal stuff out, which if included, would create a fuss and shadow all my recollections. I’ve lived with them long enough as it is, though they may surface unintentionally in my writing. 

Enjoy the reading, and enjoy the memories – I’ve enjoyed organising them into some sort of order, so that my children may understand why I am as I am, and for people that know me to have the option of crossing the road when they see me heading towards them!

Lastly, after you’ve read the book, consider this quote from Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) in his memoirs The Summing Up in 1938:  “There is an impression abroad that everyone has it in him to write one book; but if by this is implied a good book then the impression is false”.

Rob was born at the end of England’s proudest year of football ever 1966, to a Welsh-speaking working-class family in the coastal industrial town of Llanelli in South Wales. Rob’s memoirs consider the highs and lows of living in such a closeknit community while trying to make sense of his sexuality.

With an overbearing mother and a fond and loving dad, who both left their imprint on his developing character, Rob gives a touchingly honest, sometimes tragic and often humourous account of his childhood and teenage years.

Rob has considered writing this book for many, many years. The confidence gained by finally facing up to the reality of his world has finally allowed his story to be told. He worked as a secondary school teacher, specialising in teaching Welsh as a first language for many years before moving into social care and is currently an education officer for ‘Children Looked After’ up in Gwynedd North Wales. A father to three wonderful girls whom he adores, he resides in the beautiful Quarry town of Llanfairfechan on the North Wales Coast with his wonderful husband David and his three boisterous hounds.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Hyacinth Mop

    Despite all the hype, I must say I was disappointed when I finally got to read this book. Chaotically written, the author lacks the skill to hold the attention of the reader. It's quite repetitive and is not logically sequenced. As a memoir, the chapters are not balanced and the author chooses to emphasize some periods over others. It also seems a bit unfair that the author's late mother can have no chance of redress. She is blamed for a lot in this book, but we are not told how the author himself contributed to the situation in which he always plays 'victim'. There are also quite a few typos and other errors, suggesting the text was not thoroughly proofread. Overall, quite a disappointment.

  • Louise parry

    I started reading this book 2 nights ago and can’t put it down. It has made me laugh and cry. Rob’s younger days are an eye-opener. It is written so open and honestly. I love it

  • CWH1968

    A good truthful read, which gives an insight into the author’s childhood in South Wales, family interactions, sibling competitiveness, and how these impacted his development

    into adulthood. t reflects an unrequited need to please immediate members of his family and the gradual recognition of the matriarchal controls in place, which he

    strives to break free from. A mix of heartbreaking scenarios that are intermingled with comical flourishes amidst one constant, the affection between father & son.

    Will there be a sequel?

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