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By: Joseph Pirrello

An Autobiographical Meditation: The Dislodged Goldfish

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In An Autobiographical Meditation: The Dislodged Goldfish, the journey traversed is as serpentine as the paths of life for those whose existence defies conformity. While some seamlessly blend into societal moulds, others are destined to a life reminiscent of a dragon’s breath: intense, fiery, and unyielding. The relentless trek through tumultuous trails and muddy roads can leave one spinning in disorientation akin to a dizzying dance with destiny. Just as a lunar eclipse graces the sky in rare moments, some lives unfold in realms where despair frolics freely, becoming an unwelcome companion. The clasp of misery, agony, and neurosis can be as tightening as a rusty wrench around one’s throat, relenting only in fleeting moments when the sun peeks through the clouds, only to retreat and reveal its countenance much later.

While the poet’s disposition has been a subject of much discourse, An Autobiographical Meditation delves into the lesser explored abyss of insanity that lurks beneath the veneer of brilliance in some of the most gifted minds. Our planet, in its endless spin, has been a silent witness to the unfolding drama, as it spirals forward with each turn of fate. Through the lens of autobiographical reflection, The Dislodged Goldfish invites readers to a voyage through the undulating waves of life, where calm and storm are but two sides of the same coin.

Joseph Pirrello is a onetime jazz musician who found his way into the writing life in 2015. Having spent two years in Tuscany, studying classical piano, he immersed himself into the world of art and poetry. Being profoundly influenced by writers such as C.S. Lewis and other prominent Christian writers, Pirrello considers himself akin to the life of mysticism and spends much of his time in meditation.


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