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Anxiety & Me-bookcover

By: Nikita Pancholi

Anxiety & Me

Pages: 84 Ratings: 5.0
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An open and honest account of my four-year battle suffering from mental health, anxiety and panic attacks with uplifting stories, tips and advice that has helped me with an added self-belief confidence boost added for good measure. If you are struggling or know of someone suffering from mental health, then this book will most certainly help and inspire you to deal with your mental health and come out a stronger person for it.

Hi, My name is Nikita, I am 25 years old, and I am currently doing my Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Special Educational Needs and Early Childhood. Welcome to my journey around mental health. I am a mental health sufferer of Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Growing up in an Asian family and suffering with mental health is something that has been one of the hardest things to face. Mental health within the Asian community is hardly ever spoken about and can be perceived quite negatively. It is seen as a way of pitying the individual or belittling them in the eyes of the parents, especially within the older generation. I was so scared of telling people because they may have thought I was ‘ill’ or ‘crazy’, and even though there is so much more awareness now, there is still a lot of stigma behind the words ‘MENTAL HEALTH’. After 4 years of battling, I have come to terms of living with it, and I came out with it to my family. I wanted to share my stories and experiences not to gain sympathy, but to make people aware of what it is and how I dealt with it. Hopefully, there is something in here that can help you too. I want to say that it is ok to talk about mental health issues. I'm not afraid to say I suffer from mental health. I hope after reading my book you realise, learn, and become aware of what it is like to live with mental health, what mental health is, and how it can affect anyone on a daily basis.

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Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Riyan Patel

    Excellent read. Insightful and an eye-opener for sure. You can learn a lot from this book.

    Would highly recommend

  • Anita Vekaria

    An amazing book definitely, a book I would recommend!!

  • Nisha Solanki

    Brilliant read. Would definitely recommend it to all. It's eye-opening that so many of one person's experiences can be related to yourself.

  • D Pancholi

    So inspiring and so true to everyday life. This book really hits you and makes you realize the truth that one hides and what it takes to come to terms with it before it may be too late.
    Would highly recommend this book and am so proud of the author.
    Congratulations Nikita Pancholi - so inspiring!

  • Krina Pancholi

    The book has helped me learn a lot. It has given me confidence and assurance of how to come back from the black hole, the tunnel that you think you are lost in, feeling trapped and helpless.

    Thank you for being so strong and brave to write this book, to help others come back and see the light at helpless times. Xxx ❤️

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