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By: Kyle Bolger


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Haunted by the relentless echoes of a fateful night, Hana’s path takes a dark turn as she joins an enigmatic assassination corporation alongside her loyal comrades, May and Mark. For Hana, becoming an assassin isn’t just about honing lethal skills; it’s her means to safeguard and unshackle a world ensnared by darkness.

Amid a routine mission to eliminate a high-profile target, Hana stumbles upon a chilling symbol from her past – a sinister emblem that signifies the shadowy puppeteers orchestrating the criminal underworld’s malevolent dance. Consumed by a torrent of emotions, Hana’s vengeful pursuit blinds her to a more significant threat, one that vanishes into the depths of obscurity.

As the shadowy adversary’s movements intensify, the assassination corporation issues a chilling directive to all its squads: embark on a long-term mission to exterminate this ominous menace. The question looms large: can Hana muster the unwavering resolve to confront Millennium, put an end to their nefarious reign, and set the world free?

Unveil the gripping tale of retribution, redemption, and unwavering determination in Assassin: Volume 1, and brace yourself for an enthralling series that will keep you on the edge of your seat with every subsequent volume.

The author, Kyle Bolger, grew up in an everyday nuclear family as a pseudo only-child as his siblings had already moved out. He developed a creative mind because of this and used it to conjure up short fan fictions from time to time, which eventually led to writing his own story.

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