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Astrid Book I: War Changes People-bookcover

By: T G Trouper

Astrid Book I: War Changes People

Pages: 284 Ratings: 5.0
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In her youth, Astrid had dreamt of becoming an actress. But once war breaks out, she gives up her dreams to fight for her country. She retains her acting skills and uses them to her advantage, and she will do absolutely anything to ensure the success of her missions.The war has degenerated into regular small skirmishes, but her commanders know that there will inevitably be a major assault that will overwhelm them. The only thing that is keeping the onslaught at bay is a policy of assassinating those enemy officers who show talent.But an enemy general has become aware of Astrid and is determined to stop her.

T G Trouper lives with his wife in Essex, England. He has one son, who currently resides in America.

T G worked in live music production for many years, dealing with the technical requirements of some of the biggest artists in the world. Only after retiring to look after ailing parents did he find the time to take up writing, something he regrets not taking up sooner. He is also a singer and guitarist in a couple of bands.

Customer Reviews
6 reviews
6 reviews
  • Mark MacLean

    This story casts Astrid, a budding actress, suddenly exposed to the atrocities of a horrific war and follows her journey for revenge. On the other side, Brigit Malaya is on her own path to navigate through a male dominated army to a senior position against the odds and to stop Astrid. Both women show the morality depths that humans perhaps are willing to justify in the name of war and their own individual causes.

  • Gary Taylor

    Good first novel. Sucks you in from the start, as you warm to the main character immediately.
    There is some doubt as to who the bad guy/guys is/are, but ultimately for me it was an easy choice.
    I hope there will be a "book 2".

  • Dave Bailey

    A great read, very difficult to put down.

  • Sally M

    Two women find themselves on opposite sides of a brutal war. Astrid was a confident young budding film actress but her world gets ripped apart by a bomb attack. She enrolls in her army in a senior position and becomes an undercover assassin. Malaya is an enemy officer who has to endure wicked, demoralizing tests to prove she’s as good as any man in her army to achieve her promotion to general. Both women are aware of each other, their bond is beyond enemies.

    I love the story building of each character, feeling their pain and determination to win. I can feel the chemical reaction between them and their desire for each other.

  • megora

    Loved it from page 1 to the end!

  • Sally

    Do not underestimate Astrid Peterson, she was an actress. Her country is at war, she has become a weapon and a deadly assassin, war does change people.

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