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T G Trouper

T G Trouper lives with his wife in Essex, England. He has one son, who currently resides in America.

T G worked in live music production for many years, dealing with the technical requirements of some of the biggest artists in the world. Only after retiring to look after ailing parents did he find the time to take up writing, something he regrets not taking up sooner. He is also a singer and guitarist in a couple of bands.

Author's Books
Astrid Book II: Good people do bad things

Astrid has been through ten years of fighting, ten years of killing, and is exhausted. She doubts whether she now even has the strength to fight any more but is desperate to find a way to bring the conflict to an end.Her country is sophisticated and technologically advanced but is bordered to the no...

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Astrid Book III: The Early Missions

Astrid Peterman is fighting with regular forces and has already shown herself to be a skilled fighter, driven in her desire to push back the invaders and seek revenge. She proves herself and is taken on by Captain DeSalva to become an assassin. She must further prove herself as a young woman in a ma...

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Astrid Book I: War Changes People

In her youth, Astrid had dreamt of becoming an actress. But once war breaks out, she gives up her dreams to fight for her country. She retains her acting skills and uses them to her advantage, and she will do absolutely anything to ensure the success of her missions.The war has degenerated into ...

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Perfect Strangers

Paul and Sophie are planning the holiday of a lifetime, a month-long road trip in Australia, and when they return, they will finally start making plans for their marriage. Then one day a man, Larsen, turns up at Sophie’s work. He is from the company’s Swedish office and needs her help with legal...

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