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By: Bill McGowan

Be Your Own Boss

Pages: 188 Ratings: 4.7
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Be Your Own Boss is an information source for people thinking of starting or buying a business based on Bill McGowan’s 50 years of business experiences.

The book has been designed as a guide to help people organise their thoughts and to decide whether being their own boss is really for them.

Bill has tried to use everyday language and tried to make the book easy to understand.
Starting a new business is complex at the best of times and his aim has been to make this process as manageable as possible.

Bill’s personable writing style and extensive knowledge in starting businesses from scratch, makes this book a most intriguing, absorbing, informative and a must-read.

Bill McGowan was born and grew up in New Zealand and currently resides in Sydney with his family. Bill has been self-employed in various businesses since the early 70s and is now retired. He started and sold many businesses over the past 50 years. In early 1983, he established the franchised business known as Fastway Couriers. Fastway became a household name in Australia and New Zealand in the transport and franchising sectors. The business was also developed internationally. When he started Fastway, he was shocked at how many potential franchises had no idea about running their own business, so he developed many franchises, training programmes and manuals to assist them in understanding how to operate their own business. When he retired, he decided to put the knowledge he had learnt over the years into this book.

Customer Reviews
18 reviews
18 reviews
  • John M. Los Angeles, USA

    Bill McGowan, your book Be Your Own Boss has provided me practical advice, confidence, and the strategies I needed to start my own business. I have read the book 4 times and completed all the practical exercises. I love the first section of your book when you took me through your story of how you became such a successful Global entrepreneur. I purchased the book last June off amazon and have never looked back. I am 28 years old and started my new venture offering the door to door, sale of commercial cleaning products and equipment on the 1st February 24. Sales have exceeded my budgets and I have now taken on an additional 2 sales staff, and I am even considering franchising down the track. Thank you so much for writing the book and sharing your business experiences. The book was the catalyst for me in starting my own business venture. I would highly recommend anyone considering going into business to buy and read this book.

  • Sharon Godden - Sydney Australia

    I have always wanted to be my own boss and I can honestly say that after reading Be Your Own Boss it has given me the courage and guidance to point me in the right direction in making this happen. Working as a Travel agent for over 20 years has given me all the practical skills I needed in my career. I just needed to take a leap of faith and start working for myself independently. I actually keep the book on my desk so I can refer back to things like strategies and marketing or anything else I may need some guidance on in the future. Page 69 and 70 (A few basic questions to ask yourself) once I answered those questions, I knew I was ready. I worked out my business plan and what I wanted my business to look like. So, I then aligned myself with an entrepreneurial mobile based company specializing in luxury travel. Your book can teach you something new each time you read it. I now have my own mobile business Luxebyitravel which I know will be a success. Thank you, Bill McGowan, for writing this book and sharing your valuable knowledge and experiences in the business world.

  • Angel Okafor

    In Be Your Own Boss by Bill McGowan, the author delves into how a person can manage to become their own boss. Many people around the world have dreams of owning their own businesses and not working under someone else, even though they may not know how to achieve this. The writer of this book has been his own boss and has decided to outline how he was able to achieve this great success. Bill, who was born in New Zealand, started his own lawn mowing business at the age of 13. After selling the business at age 18, he decided to venture into the transport sector. Bill continues to share the steps and decisions he took to become the global company he is today. The first chapter of this book shares Bill's success story, while other chapters detail how to achieve similar success. The writer believes that there are many reasons why people would like to own their own business, but the main reason is to make money. This book contains insights on how to start your own business, goal setting, business planning, and marketing. This book is highly informative and educational. The writer leaves no stone unturned, providing a comprehensive guide on how to start a successful business and become your own boss. I believe this book would be of great help to people who are tired of working under someone, whether due to dissatisfaction with their workspace, inadequate pay to cover expenses, or disliking their boss's attitude, and who have plans to start their own business. I found nothing to dislike about this book. As someone who also dreams of being my own boss, this book has been extremely helpful. I appreciated the diagrams and cartoons used to illustrate some concepts in the book. I would rate this book five out of five stars because of its clear narrative and language. In conclusion, I believe this book is for everyone. I would personally recommend it to those who love educational and informative literature.

  • James Blakeman

    Bill McGowan gave me the manuscript to read prior to the book being published and I can confidently state that “Be Your Own Boss” is a most intriguing, absorbing, and informative read, very well-written and well-researched throughout. It is immersive and comprehensive with the ability to fascinate even the less experienced reader on starting a new business. The sustained analysis and the variety of topics discussed relating to being your own boss and business strategy make the work compelling and it shows the author’s deep knowledge and understanding. This book is also very well organized into sections, allowing for a cohesive read. The personable writing style throughout makes this work accessible to a wide audience and it will fascinate those with interests in starting or buying a business, or in business-related endeavors more widely. 'Be Your Own Boss' will succeed within its market.

  • Professor Andrew Terry, LLB Hons (Cant. NZ); LLM Hons (Cant. NZ) Professor of Business Regulation, The University of Sydney - Business School

    I loved Bill’s Fastway story. It’s very comprehensive but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted more. Not everyone who reads Bill McGowan’s book “Be Your Own Boss,” will build a business as large and prominent, and successful as the franchised courier business that the author developed internationally, however, every person who aspires to be their own boss will benefit greatly from the business wisdom that Bill shares - wisdom which is practical and accessible and which has been forged from his own hands-on experience in identifying a business opportunity and developing, managing and growing it.

  • Jim McCracken - Melbourne Victoria

    Be Your Own Boss is a comprehensive and practical outline and guide for anyone setting up and/or buying a new business. It is an excellent tool for any wannabe purchaser or setter-upper of a business. This book is very well done.

  • Stephen Giles, Franchise Lawyer & Senior Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright. Australia

    I really enjoyed reading “Be Your Own Boss”, it was very personal, engaging, and informative. This is the sort of content that is sadly missing these days in franchising.

  • David Tran, OPerations Manager, National Facilities Management, Sydney, Australia

    Thank you for sharing your story on your business journey and the wealth of knowledge gained in 50 years of business.

    “Be Your Own Boss” is a must-read for anyone who is looking to venture out in starting their own business. The author provides practical advice and tips on how to start and grow a successful business. What sets this book apart from other business books is the author's focus on entrepreneurship as a mindset, taking risks, and being open to new opportunities.

    The book provides a step-to-step guide on how to start a business, from identifying what type of business is right for you to completing comprehensive research on the business you are interested in, the type of business models that are most suited to you along with how to write an effective business plan and much more!

    The author's writing style is engaging throughout the book and I found myself motivated and inspired to take action after reading each chapter.

    Overall, I highly recommend “Be Your Own Boss” to anyone who wants to start a business or take an existing business to the next level. This book provides practical advice, real-world examples, and an entrepreneurial mindset that is essential for success in today’s business world.

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