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Beaten at Birth-bookcover

By: Glenys Maureen Kohlen

Beaten at Birth

Pages: 170 Ratings: 4.9
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Precious, the oldest of ten suffered all of her life. Her biggest fear of landing in a care home had now become true. All of her belongings were thrown in the rubbish, along with all of her memories. A stroke that was not treated, due to misconduct, had left her with slight dementia. The system was prepared to pay £900 a week for a care home she didn’t want to be in. She would have been better off in prison, at least you get parole in prison. The care home had thrown away the key. Her siblings and son had tried in vain to get her out, but her oldest daughter and granddaughters were insistent that she stay there, so they could get on with their dubious business.

Hello, My name is Glenys Maureen Kohlen, born Williams.

Born in Nottingham UK. I am one of ten children, born to Beatrice May and my father, Oswald. Each one of us has our own story to tell.

I came to Germany with WRAC in 1975 and married a German guy. I have one son, who I had at the age of 41. Actually, I am a late starter in everything I do or have done.

I have never written a manuscript, although often started but never finished.

I did write poems and won a prize when I was about eight years old at school. I found that very embarrassing when I had to go and collect my few sweets at the front of the class. The teacher said she found my poem beautiful, because it was about love, and she couldn’t understand that a person so young would think about romance at an early age.

This manuscript is very important to me because it is about my sister who is in a care home against her will. The names are all changed and although the main events are true, there are some fantasy chapters to make it less morbid.

Customer Reviews
72 reviews
72 reviews
  • Anja

    I am finished with the book for a week. I gave it now to my oldest daughter, so she understands that family should always stands together. Love should always be more important than money!
    I am very sorry whats happening in the book. I hope one day Karma will solve everything.

  • Carol Hudson

    This book is very well written and a very good read.full of feelings and emotions.couldn’t put it down from beginning to end.had me in tears.

  • Akarsh Srivastava

    Really excited to ready the book after hearing a lot of good reviews. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  • Mohammad

    A really sad story i cant believe that our mothers and fathers are locked away like prisoners

  • nan

    such a braveness to write the story.give all my support!

  • Tiffanie

    A must read, very sad story and there should me more respect for the older generation.

  • Great

    Very emotional book and nicely written I really recommend this book to everyone it’s so nice but sad because nobody should be treated like the sister in this book.

  • Alex

    Just ordered this book, can't wait to start reading it! Thank you for your effort to raise awareness for this topic!

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