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Beyond Belief – Faith That Works-bookcover

By: Dietrich Schindler

Beyond Belief – Faith That Works

Pages: 84 Ratings: 5.0
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“If the gospel changes everything, why is there so little change in my life? Why do I struggle so much with sins that are debilitating, those that knock the wind out of me and deplete me emotionally? Where can I find hope to experience the freeing beauty of following Jesus?”

Many Christians are frustrated over the disconnect between faith and lifestyle. Beyond Belief bridges the gaping chasm between belief and behavior. In so doing it exposes the short-circuits in how we view what the gospel is and how it practically changes us.

If you are looking for a faith that works, especially in daily living, Beyond Belief is for you. As you apply the principles in Beyond Belief those around you will notice the change. And so will you.

The son of German immigrant parents who settled in the USA, Dietrich was named after Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He and his wife, Jan, have been involved in church planting in Germany and in Europe for over 37 years. They have three adult children and four grandsons. Dietrich and Jan reside in Wheaton, Illinois.

Dietrich is the author of:

SHIFT: The Road to Level 5 Church Multiplication

The Jesus Model: Planting Churches the Jesus Way

Profound: Twelve Questions That Will Grab Your Heart and Not Let Go

Customer Reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews
  • Richard Trca, EFCA ReachGlobal Europe Leadership Team

    Simply Transforming!
    From his life experiences as a disciple maker himself, Dietrich artistically offers a “daily spiritual workout” (GRACE) for young and experienced Jesus-followers alike. The spiritual disciplines that Dietrich introduces through living in GRACE (Generous; Righteous; Aid; Change; Evangelism) empower the believer’s collaboration with God’s Spirit to transform us--head, hearts, and hands--toward becoming more like Jesus…a transformation so attractive and needed in our relationships today! I’m grateful to Dietrich for his simple yet deeply spiritual handbook which will assist disciple making clusters to consider crucial questions while walking towards transformative applications… “Jesus, I want to expand your Kingdom today.”

  • Monica Kannenwischer, Founder and CEO of Sparrow's Spring Clinical Services

    "Beyond Belief" is encouraging, hopeful and challenging. It is an approachable guide to real change and connection in your journey with Jesus! Read this book to get unstuck and out of your rut of stagnation, defeat, and discouragement - you will be relieved you did!

  • Mike Frans, pastor and church planter

    Whether as consummate pastor, church-planter, author, seminar leader, or personal friend, Dietrich Schindler has a unique gift for asking questions that helps others move beyond their life’s spiritual dissatisfactions to find journey-changing answers. Dietrich’s latest book highlights the burden of his own spiritual journey, a glaring omission found also in the lives of many fellow Christ-followers, struggling or growing churches, and even those seeking to find and follow Christ. He probes deeply the gap between coming to Christ in faith but failing to find a faith that works out in everyday life. As a reader, you may find yourself in Dietrich’s biblically insightful, story-telling book. No spoiler alert needed: this book could become a game-changer for those who are frustrated by the gaps or contradictions they have found in their journey since coming to Jesus!

  • Philip Jackson, Europe Regional Director for SEND International

    “Beyond Belief, Faith that Works” provides a refreshing and creative picture of what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ. While describing the conversion and spiritual growth of a fictional character named Shelly, Dietrich delivers a compelling understanding of the gospel and its life-changing power. He plants in the reader’s heart a desire for a deeper and more vibrant relationship with Christ, Himself, and gives practical steps for how to pursue Christ and experience the intimacy that leads to lasting change.

  • Charles A. Davis, PhD, Former executive international director of TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission).

    Many people who call themselves "Christians" in today's world are asking, "Is this all there is?" Too often they find the Christian life apathetic, boring, and totally predictable. This book points the way to more: what it means to live life with Jesus in an electrifying and soul stirring relationship that "rewires our behavior."

  • Dirk Müller International Director – Europe Trans World Radio (TWR)

    In his book “Beyond Belief” Dietrich Schindler addresses one of the key questions every follower of Christ should face: How can we live a faith that works? He powerfully brings across how our faith and the Gospel are more than just knowledge, more than sin management, and more than dry theory. This book encourages us to understand faith as what it really is: a reality that is meant to penetrate and shine through each moment of our lives.

    By combining biblical teaching with the practical example of a person called Shelly, Schindler gently guides the reader to embrace a healthy, God honoring, and joyful life. An amazing book for those that seek an abundant life, a life that is based on our faith and sourced by God Himself. It is an excellent, worth-while read.

  • Dr. George W. Murray, former President and Chancellor of Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina

    “As a follower of Christ, you know you’ll never be perfect this side of heaven, but are you tired of beating yourself up for your constant failures (i.,e., sins) and having to ask God for forgiveness over and over again? In this insightful book, gifted writer Dietrich Schindler points out that when God tells us in His Word that “the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16), the salvation referred to is not just initial conversion and eternity in heaven, but an earthly lifetime of joyful, victorious living and service which flow from an intimate, loving trust relationship with Jesus, who is the gospel. This is faith that works, as clearly and winsomely presented by the author in this very worthwhile read. I heartily recommend this book to you.”

  • Christian Kuhn, director of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and leader of the @home Switzerland movement

    "Beyond Belief - Faith that Works" is a book that beautifully fits into the fragile intricacies of our faith lives. It brings to light many unconscious patterns of our lives as disciples, making them more complete and Christ-like. The sometimes pointed or complex biblical concepts become pleasantly clear and practical with stories and illustrations drawn from real life. This is a book I will give to many of the disciples I have been able to accompany because I know that even though they are already spiritually mature, they will be able to grow even more in Christlikeness by reading it.

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