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By: Linda D. Rhodes

Beyond the Rainbow

Pages: 236 Ratings: 5.0
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I have no soul. My soul was ripped out of me a long time ago.

There has never been an easier time to be gay. As they emerge from a past of perceived sin and illegality, gay men today are increasingly viewed as legitimate equal citizens and there is a very real sense that social values and attitudes towards gay men have changed for the better.

But the development of a gay sexual identity is a complex and often difficult process and there remain sections of the community which are loud in their opposition. Inevitably, such condemnation impacts the lives of young men, leaving many hurt and demoralised.

Tracing her own steps to understanding, Dr Rhodes draws on history, science, social analysis and personal observation to reveal a picture of what being gay really means. Though known to the broader community through the prism of rainbows, pride marches and AIDS, homosexuality also involves a struggle to create meaningful lives in the face of adolescent bullying, societal discrimination and diminished adult self-esteem. Gay sons thus need to be supported, not condemned.

My family is so homophobic, I can never come out.

Linda D. Rhodes was born in Melbourne at a time when homosexuality was deemed both immoral and illegal and was largely kept secret. Her gay cousin, though geographically close, was spoken of reluctantly and she never met him. Subsequently, a lifetime spent married to the notoriously homophobic mining industry meant that she rarely encountered sexual diversity – until a young acquaintance arrived to stay. Faced with his differences and her ignorance, she felt the need to understand and so began her research. The result is a book that tells a story of what it is like to be gay, which answers all the questions a parent might ask when a son comes out and which reveals that a gay life involves a great deal more than rainbows, mardi gras and AIDS.

After a twenty-year career in nursing, much of it in mining towns, Linda undertook an undergraduate degree in psychology. This was followed by a PhD in sociology. Her first book, Two for the Price of One, examined the lives of women whose husbands were professional mining men.

Customer Reviews
5 reviews
5 reviews
  • Erin Larner

    This was such a colourful and adventurous little novel. The author took you on a fast paced journey from a little village to a place we all want to experience over the rainbow.
    I couldn't put it down and read the whole book in one sitting as it was so much fun!

  • Gail S.

    ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ is an exciting children’s adventure story where anything can and does happen! Time stands still as the children follow the butterfly and an eagle to their next amazing quest. Their travels find them in lands of fairies and elves where they can ride on dolphins or safely follow any dream they have. They even come across a venus fly trap which takes away all negativity!
    This is also a story of trust highlighting the bond between the four friends while noting their individuality. It has a theme of being in the present moment- a timelessness about it. The author’s love of nature shines through with beautiful vivid descriptions of all the adventurers see. Fantastic children’s book which encourages them to chase their dreams!

  • Mark H

    Beyond The Rainbow is an exciting adventure, which takes you on a journey into the supernatural. Be ready for your imagination to go to a place of wonder and awe as you travel to, through and beyond the rainbow. The book captures your heart as you journey with the characters.
    As a school teacher, I can highly recommend this book for numerous year levels. It provides plenty of new language for students and displays excellence in descriptive writing.
    A must read for not only students, but any adults with a sense of adventure.


  • Loretta DC

    The enchanting tale of four children travelling from a place of destruction to paradise was breathtaking and hopeful. Vivid and colourful illustrations cover the landscape, giant butterfly, eagle and the magic house as the reader travel with the children on their adventures. They move from fear to encouragement, safety and finally faith and trust. The magic house is filled with wonder and promises of a contented and peaceful future with purpose. In the land beyond the rainbow, the children are encouraged to "enjoy the moment" and to "live in the now". The novel demonstrates a heartening way to live our lives with love and care for each other.

  • Helen Pemberton

    This considered and thoughtful book is a gift to the gay community as it explores and seeks to comprehend and explain the despair, misunderstandings, and humiliations experienced by so many gay men as they endeavour to find their place in the world.

    The insights offered by Dr Rhodes transcend borders, cultures, ethnicity and history to offer a view of the courage necessary for the many gay men who overcome profound difficulties and fear of rejection to take an often lonely path to finding understanding and acceptance within society. Coming out to others, particularly family in the face of almost certain rejection is something most of us never have to contemplate. For men living in country towns and communities too, there may be little or no support or opportunity to develop close friendships and relationships.

    Dr Rhodes offers the reader gently stated observations as she outlines the realities of life for young gay men. We can begin to understand the reasons for fear of commitment, and the whys of risky and sometimes outrageous behaviour. We also are led though to hope that at the Rainbow's end gay men may find the understanding, happiness and fulfilment they seek in sound lasting relationships and good career opportunities, not only in the professional and arts hierarchy but as teachers, tradesmen, bus drivers, nurses and in fact any occupation or venture they may chose to undertake.

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