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By: Rahim Hussain

Birth of a Hero

Pages: 212 Ratings: 5.0
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In the world of Varcita, there is a continent named Meruem which is known as “the continent of the kings”. The continent is split into five kingdoms, each ruled by “kings”, and each king rules with an iron fist and makes life on Meruem almost unbearable.

Follow Mirah, a street child, as he begins his journey in the real world: from mundane activities such as attending classes and meditating to life-threatening adventures like fighting in a tournament and stopping a genocide. Along the way, he picks up some friends and allies like Lucas, a coward, and Kilyua, a mysterious transfer student.

However, behind the scenes many mysteries arise. Who are Mirah’s parents? What is the ancient Yuuos bloodline magic? Who really is Hiramal Kio? Many questions, very few answers.

Rahim Hussain is a 17-year-old student who is currently in his final year of high school. He had started writing this book out of boredom while he was 15. However, he soon realised that he had a passion for writing. He is currently working towards becoming an astrophysicist. In his opinion though, he would rather become a full-time author.

Customer Reviews
3 reviews
3 reviews
  • Mohammed Rassell Ali

    Now, what can I say, I was lucky enough to have the privilege of reading and finishing this book before it even came out. I feel proud to be acknowledged by Rahim to say I had any sort of input in this book which is just heartwarming but honestly, it was all his doing! Being a part of this journey from it starting off as just an idea to becoming a published book is such a huge accomplishment and I can't stress how good the story actually is. Being a non-reader myself to becoming literally hooked on this book, came as a surprise even to myself. The way Rahim constructed the whole story and concept gave me mixed emotions throughout. I can honestly say this book will appeal to all ages, whether you are in school, college, university or older, I can guarantee you will love the read. The way Rahim has written this book can actually take the reader on an imagination. Half the time I genuinely thought I was part of the story which is pretty cool. The way he had described each and every aspect was just perfect. I can't wait for the next!!!!!! WELL DONE!

  • Elisabeth Davie

    “Birth of a Hero” by Rahim Hussain

    Do you want an exciting book to read? This one tells a story which gripped me from the moment I opened it until the last page. It is set in a land of fantasy but the adventures are all so real it is as if they are happening to the reader as they unfold.

    Mirah is a street child from a very poor background but with magical powers. He is unexpectedly offered a place in a school where he will learn how to harness his magic and make it stronger. We follow his adventures as he moves through the school. We get to know his friends, enemies and teachers as he meets challenge after challenge.

    At the end of this book he is engaged with his friends in a fearful battle with the rulers of his nation, and the scene is set for new adventures.

    I hope this is the first of many books by this enterprising young author. It is a really enjoyable read for all ages but especially for young people facing the challenges of growing up in these difficult times.

  • Jad Ali.. Swindon

    Was recommended this book by a friend as his kids enjoyed it.
    Both of my kids have read it, and have said they both enjoyed it, and wont mind reading the follow on, if and when it's available.

    Had a read myself and was surprised how well this young author used his imagination to exucute a story as good as an experienced author.
    I found a few charactors really interesting...but wont givaway any spoilers.

    Dont usually leave a 100% positive review..........but as the the author is still in his teens....he deserves it all...well done to him !

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