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Bleeding Hearts of a Butterfly-bookcover

By: Mihret Adal Gidi

Bleeding Hearts of a Butterfly

Pages: 206 Ratings: 5.0
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“With you, I don’t like it but love it, even if it means to live in a hell. Not that a child is a hell, but in our case, it would mean the world.”

“I would be a house wife and jobless,” I smile, opening my eyes.

“No man should say my wife doesn’t have a job. It’s impossible for a woman not to have one. She may not sit behind a desk or get paid but she deserves a reward for everything she has and does as a woman and a wife, or a mother. Her family is her job. She takes care of them; she worries about them all day and night. So how come I’d say my lady, my love and my wife doesn’t have a job? Not especially when you are there to share the pains and joys of life with me. You’re in charge of my life; I’m your job. I will worship you in every way possible and award you in as much as I can. You’re the boss of my life, my master and I your slave. I love you, Butterfly.”

“You mean, master Butterfly?” I smile big in delight. “My love lord, my wizard, I love you.” I stretch myself up and kiss him. “Get up now; you should be at work.” I get up and roll myself in the white sheet and walk to the closet to pick something for him to dress himself.

Mihret Adal Gidi is a young novelist emerging from East Africa, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is known for being a strong fighter and someone who doesn’t give up. She has always dreamt of being an author, and she was praised because of her potential by her teachers while in high school. She finally mustered up her courage to complete Bleeding Hearts of a Butterfly for publication during her study at Kotobe University College.

She’s currently working on the sequel of this book and a new horror story among many others.

Customer Reviews
9 reviews
9 reviews
  • Ephraim

    I know you can do better than this qeep doing it like you do ... My old best friend

  • Janet

    I was actually thinking to rate this after I read it but I'm enjoying reading this. I am relating to the major character and I feel like we're actually talking. I'm loving this.

  • Melaku AG.

    Nice story and it's a great achievement, keep it up ma friend!

  • Abrhame Bebeto

    'A beautiful and compassionate book,
    The best horror stories share at least this five elements in common They explore 'malevolent' or 'wicked' characters, deeds or phenomena. They arouse feelings of fear, shock or disgust as well as the sense of the uncanny – things are not what they seem.
    So, for this and, other better experiences i highly recommend you this magical book..

  • Abel

    My dear i really want to say that i really am greatfull for your success and i can see their is a pieces of majic in your heart and god bless your work and keep up the good work.

  • Kassaye Yohannes

    I have a privilege to read the original document. When I read the published book, I saw what an improved copy it becomes especially for the first book.
    Based on this, I can’t wait to read the second book.

  • Beleadal

    Oh I can't wait till I read the second volume. It felt like watching a movie. The description method felt like a ride on a roller coaster. I'm glad I got the privilege to read this book.
    Thank you Austin Macauley for publishing this story. I love it, enjoyed it and I'm even more excited till the second volume kicks in.

  • Gavein D. Andrew

    Books are in general rated for their condition and the feelings they can create in you or the way they make you feel connected. Most of the writings in this book takes me way back and forth in my life that I have to ask myself a lot and some of my decisions. The philosophy in this book isn't loved alone but life in general that I love it so much, it makes me emotional and I am hardly it, it made me mad and choked to the point that I threw the book back on the table. You (the Author) are a courageous writer with an amazing story. I have to admit I did a little research about the author and to know how young she is to present this novel adds something more in me. I simply can't wait till the second volume.
    can't wait till the day comes for the book signing and meed you.

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